Why Not Here?

I am surprised this hasn’t happened here, where the competition is surely great for listings and one should easily recoup the outlay with sale most likely assured.

Why do that when listings sell for over listing and close fast? Just wait a few weeks and the seller gets more money. Maybe in FL it’s common, since there’s a lot of estate sales.

But I am saying if I am an agent, and let’s say I am a newbie in the industry but I do have a rich uncle Manch who loves me to death and will bankroll me, why not offer you, a seller of a property, a finders fee if you will so that I do in fact get the listing over someone else? You’re right, the places WILL sell here obviously more than likely. Wouldn’t I get that amount back to pay my uncle Manch so that he doesn’t bitch and moan on the internet about his lousy nephew and still have a profit for the firm and me? Isn’t the competition for listings here fiercer than anywhere else really?

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