Why We Are All Here In The First Place

(Muchas gracias, @manch!!!)

I love SFH as much as you do, @sfdragonboy. Just let me know where in SF I can find SFH’s with numbers that pencil out. You want me to go out in Bayview and be a slumlord?

That is probably not true. I love SF way more than you do since I was born and raised here. Not many native sons/daughters of the fab 7x7 around during holidays. We all know you have an affinity for San Ho but that is another thread…

The referenced story was just to point why a lot of us are here, owners of rentals (some SFHs) gathering and sharing experiences of the trade. I thought you were bullish on Bayview? And if anything it is changing for the better. The whole city is changing…

I love SFH’s. Not necessarily SF.

I am bullish on Bayview, but I’d approach it via modern good looking townhouses, not SFH’s. One, the price point is lower. And two, the locations of these tend to avoid the rough parts of BV.

My target market has always been urban professionals. SFH’s in rough parts of BV tend to attract the wrong types of tenants I am afraid.

The reality is that there are fewer and fewer really bad profile tenants coming online in SF. It is simply too expensive here. They may be in existing rent controlled units or via existing Sec 8 contracts that the owners can’t exit easily from but aren’t we seeing folks moving out of even Oakland??? Why would a lower income person honestly want to live in SF anyway? Gas prices, food prices here are just too high that something has to give and that usually means people move away to lower cost areas which unfortunately mean long commutes into SF if they do work here.

SF is the opposite of the American dream…A town run by socialist supervisors elected by tenants who just want a free lunch…They have driven out the middle class homebuyers. .A town run by the PC police that only care about their pet political agendas.
Going to my 45 years High School reunion for Lick Wilmerding. …Will find out how many still live in SF…

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I thought you were a Berkeley revolutionary??

Had to escape Berkeley High…was a dangerous place in 1967…I commuted…Learned to drive on the Bay Bridge…

If Berkeley ever had a sports team, “Revolutionaries” would be a GREAT name. :grin: