Will Trump's immigration policy bring housing boom?

Boy, caving in already…after only what, not even a full 2 months???

Ring, ring:
Hi, Hillary speaking
Hi, its Donald. Yes, that Donald. What do you say we go with the popular vote and call it an election?


As I said in the other thread, this was always his stance. It’s just most people knee jerked over the first few words and never heard the rest. It didn’t help when the media kept repeated the first few words and ignoring the rest. Congrats on being manipulated.

I don’t think the media failed to report what Trump really meant. He was quoted as saying there are “8 millions” criminals that need to be deported. And who are counted as criminals is never clear, just like everything Trump said. Did he mean felony convictions? If you take a purely ideological stand you can say all illegal immigrants are criminals by default. If that’s the case what Trump said is a non-statement.

I have a couple of friends, very rich guys, one is a farmer in the central valley, another one makes more money in a day than you guys together. And both are resilient in their opinion that Twhitler is a plant for the democratic party. They believe the guy ran under the premise to destroy the republican party just for the duration of the campaign, and was caught by surprise when he won.

The new orders to the DHS/ICE were that entering illegally into this country should count as a crime, which in reality isn’t. Not even a misdemeanor since you don’t get penalized economically. Re-entering turns into a felony if they prosecute you for that, but meanwhile you go to jail and then get deported. Lots of money to be made on the backs of these people.

Now, let’s see it from the political point of view. If republicans gained some voters during Reagan time was because of the amnesty in the 80s. If Twhitler pushes his way in with an amnesty of some sorts, he will have a revolt of tremendous proportions in his own party (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and he will need the support of the democrats. Or Putin for that effect.

It’s a plant jefe!

It’s a plant boss!

From the web:

The murder of anyone is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to all families who lose a loved one to violence. But let’s be clear about what Donald Trump is doing tonight in inviting family members who saw a loved one murdered by an undocumented immigrant. He is stirring up fear and hatred against immigrants and trying to divide our nation. That is his political strategy and we must not allow him to get away with it.

Why didn’t Trump invite the family of Srinvas Kuchibhotla, the immigrant from India, who was recently shot down in cold blood by a white, native born American? Didn’t his life count?

Why didn’t he invite the families of the black parishioners shot down in a church in South Carolina by racist Dylan Roof? Weren’t their lives important?

President Trump, any murder is a tragedy. Don’t use these tragedies to stir up divisions by race and nationality?

What about DNC who invited mothers of the movement on stage, but they invited zero family of police officers killed in the line of duty? Obama made a point to not care about police being killed while making a big deal of victims of valid police shootings. The only police killing Obama cared about was Dallas. He used his speech there to condemn police. It was a funeral for officers gunned down on duty.

You are saying things from the horse’s mouth, inventing scenarios, “he meant this” and “he meant that” while listening to your dictator attacking with his own mouth, from our security agencies, to whoever criticizes him, to the press. But that relentless love for the money coming from Russia is a no comment, right comrade?
Oh boy, another guy was in today, another henchman going to please Putin.

We are in 2017. The idiot in the white house said he would unite us all. And he is doing that as of now, many of his supporters are waking up to smell the stink. That wall street cabinet really put a damper on these people dreaming of a great America for them, not for the swamp.

He blamed the military for the disaster in Yemen. He blamed Obama for it. When is this ignorant of president going to admit any wrongdoing and stop hiding behind Obama?

I’m not inventing anything. Who was on stage at DNC? You can verify that.

Do you remember we when Romney said Russia was a threat?

Trump is also proposing “merit based immigration”. Will it bring a second wave housing boom to BA?

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Not necessarily. I think he might be contemplating some sort of system similar to Canada where if you immigrate to less popular provinces like Quebec or Saskatchewan you get more points or the requirements are less stringent. He can implement this for specific states (aka the so-called flyover states or states where he gets the most electoral votes) to try to initate a boom there.

Those people don’t want immigrants.

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But they want jobs. If more skilled labor immigrate to those locations maybe Google, Apple, and the like will set up shops there.

Not necessarily. They don’t want immigrants in abstract. But after they live side by side with them they learn to love the positive things immigrants bring.


Like many cities in the Midwest, St Louis suffered from the decline of manufacturing and the consequent flight of residents to the suburbs. In the census of 1950, 856,796 residents were recorded, making it one of the largest cities in the country. By 2010 only 319,294 people lived there. This is one of the reasons why Francis Slay, the mayor of St Louis, has not budged from his call to welcome Syrian refugees to his city, in spite of the backlash after the terrorist attacks in Paris and California. Leaders of the local Bosnian community would like to see more Syrians in St Louis; so far this year, a mere 29 have been resettled there.

Will they steal the technology then kill the liberal guys there?

Interestingly French women are supporting Marine Le Pen and they are concerned about the Muslim’s practice with women.

Muslims are very conservative. I think politically they will support conservatives over the long term. So Syrian refugees could feel more at home in Trumpland than SF. Muslims might be much more conservative than Red state residents.

If you think a little deeper, liberals have a real issue with Muslims. Women, LGBT are not natural allys for Muslims

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