Winter is coming, time to buy gold?

What do you guys think? Looks like stock market is about to make an about turn. Murmurs of a VC bubble deflating are getting stronger. Do you guys feel a massive crisis coming soon? I think even the bay area real estate may get hit. Bay area looks toppy and markets like Denver are heating up. Denver is that hot? What is happening there? Is the asset bubble finally spreading to real estate around America?

If people are talking about a bubble, there’s not a bubble. That’s one way you know there is a bubble. No one thinks there is one, and all the media coverage is positive.

Gold? I would rather have this…:grin:

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The FED has stopped stimulus and begun a tightening cycle. Until they reverse course and begin stimulus (lower interest rates, QE4) stocks will stagnate or decline.

I believe this book is dead on & worth a read.

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Harry Dent says gold is going back to $700…the problem with the gloom and doomers is they dont have good solutions, just dire predictions. …gold itself is useless in a true doomsday scenario where bullets will have the most value…

Good one. My dad collected gold, precious gems and land in odd locations. When we cleaned out the parental house we found his arsenal and stockpile of ammo. Impressive amount. Dad was a soldier and took protecting the home seriously. We just didn’t know how seriously until that point. My siblings and I learned to shoot during the summers we spent on the farm. The older kids went hunting. I preferred fishing.

As an aside during WW2 pilots bombing Germany could see the results of the bombs on humans. England determined the could debrief them for six hours and have them be ready to fly again or they could get them drunk and keep them supplied with cigarettes with the same results. Turns out nicotine is one of the best anti anxiety meds. Likely why some people never go off the patch. It’s also likely WW2 created a generation of alcoholics.

I don’t think prepped are stock piling cigs or the patch.

Actually, food and water also have the most value.

Unless you intend to eat your neighbor, Then bullets, yes.

Food and water have value. My parents had a huge supply of that.

The reason for guns according to the prepper community is to protect the food and water from un prepared neighbors.

It raises an ethical issue. Is it ethical not to help the unprepared neighbors?

It depends on who you ask.

Me I’d be organizing neighborhood soup kitchens during a disaster. Others would think they should hunker down and not care about those who weren’t prepared

While I’m a proponent of personal responsibility I also have compassion for those without resources.

Our family was evacuated twice due to wild fires for several weeks both times. One of the local restaurants stayed open to feed fire fighters for free. When we showed up they fed us for free. Lesson learned about being gracious and caring.

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No it’s not ethical. Ethical is a positive term saying you definitely shouldn’t help the unprepared neighbors (why? to teach them that they should’ve prepped? too late).

The question is “is it _un_ethical to not help the unprepared neighbors” If you are not sure your supplies will last, then I don’t think it’s unethical either. If you are hoarding and know you could feed them and yourself or simply letting food go to waste, then yes, it is unethical.

I do get you on the gun protecting the food issue. It was kind of a joke–I don’t mind people stocking guns to protect their food, but it better not be to steal mine.

For a while I worried about food during an earthquake. Now I figure I’ll be hosting a BBQ because once the power is out I won’t be able to keep my freezer running. Better eaten than rottin’.

I have a friend who survived the Cabo hurricane…just 2 years ago…They were on there own for 2 weeks…Biggest problem was looters…They blocked off their street and keep watch 24/7 with bonfires in the street for two weeks…The Mexican government was totally ineffective.

You know anyone who owns condos in Cabo? I saw those condo ads when we were there, in English of course. Wonder how many people bought one of those… I’d never want to live in Mexico.

Personally I would never buy anything in Mexico…I love going there to visit but owning real estate even without hurricanes is a nightmare for Americans there…Any property near the ocean is not allowed to be owned by foreign nationals…There is a system set up like a lease with a bank being the official owner…big pain…plus all documents are in Spanish…the worst part is 8% commissions and huge title and notary fees…Plus, since the peso keeps devaluing, there is Mexican capital gains tax on the sale proceeds in pesos. …so even if the property lost value in US dollars you could owe a gains tax in pesos…Big games by local realtors…prices are listed in USD, but transactions are done in pesos. …lots of shenanigans on pricing…no transparency, no MLS…questionable comp records …Plus renters and squatters have more rights than foreign nationals…impossible to evict tenants…Tenants are required to report rental income and you are liable for Mexican income tax…not a property owner friendly country…

Not fond of preppers per se. But, they do have a point. Just look at the civil unrest after any of the catastrophes of the last ten years. Looting starts within hours. In serious cases, murder and mayhem (Hurircane Katrina).

Civilization as we know it, is a very thin veneer.

I hope we don’t have a version of Katrina especially on the west coast which would mean massive earthquakes and a government ill prepared to assist. But then again enough rich people live in California that the government would like to please us. I recall the I think the 2007 fires in San Diego where the evac center was Qualcom Stadium. They catered food for the evacuees from many fine restaurants. Elsewhere got much less. I remember that fire because President George W. decided to fly in creating a no fly zone preventing air tankers from do their drops for the day.

Big shot politicians should stay home and allow the helpful people be helpful. Come when its convenient to the helpful people.

The “government” is more prepped than you realize. It became a requirement that governmental agencies at federal, state and local levels work out cooperative safety and security plans after Katrina. We have set up many EOCs and purchased all sorts of inter-communicable equipment, etc. We regularly engage in table top exercises. But, we’re sworn to secrecy as part of all of this is anti-terrorism. My agency has one coming up in September. I’m the designated EOC manager, but I’ll be on vacation for that exercise. Someone else gets to deal with the stress and grief. :grin:

We are from the government and we are here tp help you…Btw Obama finally showed up in Louisiana. …nothing he can do but photo opps…We dont need politicians showing up at disasters…Their appearance is proof they didnt do their job…Although in his case it was not his fault…I blame environmentalists that blocked a dam 40 years ago, that would have held back the flood…Imagine 30" of rain in one day…My friend Marsala is on site proposing solutions. .not pandering like Trump did…

I’m not talking about politicians. I’m talking about rank and file civil servants.

However, having said that, I might add I have little hope that it will be effective if push comes to shove. BTDT. Too many variables. To many people. Too much evil in times of crisis.