Women are dominating the most important part of the US economy

“The shifting need for skills may have worked to the benefit of women, since they are more likely than men to be employed in occupations needing higher levels of social and analytical skills, whereas men are relatively more engaged in jobs calling for greater physical and manual skills,” according to the Pew Research Center’s latest report on the “State of American Jobs.”

In other words, men are screwed.

Time to teach the sons how to empathize with people and get in touch with their feelings. And please, stop buying them toy guns.

Time for men to stay at home or go join national security forces.

Learn from the peacock, how to attract women to like and marry them :slight_smile:

Results will be known by NOV 8th :wink:

Indeed. We already have Yellen at the helm of the Federal Reserve. Now that I think about it, women should be better leaders than men. We all think back fondly to our childhood when we were ruled by our mothers. :slight_smile:

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