Woohoo, Oakland Real Estate Goes Through The Roof!

Go Dubs, your 2017 NBA Champions!!!

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They are moving to the fab 7x7 soon.

Well, the Fab 7x7 real estate market, as pathetic as it is, could use a boost…

Parade time, Thursday!!! No office for me!!!

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Way to go, Warriors!!

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Did you just comment on sfgate regarding the infamous toaster?

That’s me…and that’s me on Socketsite being a tad lame about condos… sorry, when we keep getting reports that luxury condos are taking huge haircuts what else could it be? They were overpriced to begin with or the market is flooded. Do we really need to debate or split hairs over it. They just suck!!!

Ah okay. Good. I just don’t want a random person soiling your good name!

No, that is me…but I am not the first one to technically use that name. Someone on FB and Ebay beat me to it as well. I tried to sway the eBay user with a million dollars but he/she simply would not sell it…:slight_smile:

Come on, that guy is famous now. I fully expect the Warriors to buy that toaster from him and literally put it right alongside the Championship trophy in some trophy case at Warrior HQ, which presumably will be at Mission Bay in a few years. Just the idea of a toaster… LOVE IT!!!