Worst Attack at San Francisco Side walk


Yeah, I am sure everyone saw this on the local news last night. Even though it is Pac Heights, it was broad daylight so I am shocked no one saw or heard anything. There is no guarantee that a nice area/neighborhood is immune from the crazies of the world. What I want to see more of is beat cops walking the street. I see too many cops (2) in a car just driving around. But of course, the lame Board of Supervisors don’t care that its citizenry is being attacked. They prefer to concentrate on policies that benefit the homeless or illegals.

No one is “immune from the crazies”. But such events are often distorted by the news and used as fodder for various movements for their cause.

And, there is no predicting craziness. We’ve all probably experienced episodes in our own lives. That guy in Dallas that killed five police officers was under psychiatric care for a while for PTSD and his therapist had recorded that he wasn’t a danger to himself or others. Oops!


Luckily, there are many fewer crazies and violent incidents with them than our 24/7 “if it bleeds it leads” coverage.

Life is imperfect and will remain so.

Well, we seem to have become “used to it”, and that is not acceptable. The justice system is too lazy to enforce the laws or to concerned about prison capacities. @hanera, may be able to chime in on this. A place like Singapore is tough on crime, yet thrives. Why can’t we have that here? One thing I liked about New York when I was there was the heavy police presence in places like Time Square. No, I did not feel like it was a police state or that it somehow diminished my experience there. In fact, I appreciated it very much. One of my buddies who works for the SF Sheriff Dept point blank told me criminals tell him all the time that they love SF because we are so lenient here. We are again our worst enemy.

“Why can’t we have that here?”

Because it would be a police state. Anathema to our founding principals.

You wouldn’t be saying this if you had been subject to their “stop and frisk” policies.

Crime is grossly overrated in the U.S… Terrible incidents like this one notwithstanding.

Crime tends to correlate with the number of young males in society. Testosterone can be a real killer. :confounded:

There are many ways to deter criminal behavior. It is linked to societal norms and acceptance more than to police or military presence. And, militarized police as has become more common in the U.S. over the last few years leads to social unrest and violence. Conversely, military policing is impossible.

Maybe we need to change society?

That is so crazy! He doesn’t exactly look like he’s on drugs or alcohol. I mean, he’s totally in control of his punches and his running and balance are in control.

I wonder if she pissed someone off, and they had him attack her or if this is a gang initiation thing.

Americans are too kind to criminals. Too much concern for human rights of an individual, and totally forgotten that many will be affected. In Singapore, cruel to one person so that no nasty things can happen to many in the future. In USA, nice to a criminal as an individual, never mind the potential damage the person could do to many in the future.

For example, we hang anyone with heroine… a punishment worse than in Turkey (Midnight Express).

Interesting how crime has diminished since the dawn of the internet. .The number of young males keeps increasing, but maybe most are just playing video games and surfing the net and have become too fat and lazy to commit crimes…Maybe there is an app so they can do it online. …lol

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There is. Ever heard of “Grand Theft Auto”? Or,

Agree Terri. There is more to the story. There always is.

That doesn’t diminish the pure evil factor though.

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Too much concern for individual right. TFTHFY

And, I’m glad we’re like that.

However, I freely admit that freedom is not free. And, our individual rights come with responsibilities. People who do not accept those responsibilities, do not deserve freedom.

Tourists and visit Tahoe worry about hiking with all the bears around…They are much safer walking here than in SF…and the bears are everywhere. …I have pictures of them in my yard, even in my neighbors garage…they go wherever, they are pretty much protected. .You are safe as long as don’t shoot one then you are in serious trouble…even if they are in your house. …