Would You Buy Using This Technology Only?

Gimmicks. Give me 5% discounts and we can sign today.

You have to admit, with such technology you would be able to cover way more properties than you physically can attend yourself. You would be able to “check out” properties that are far, far away that may potentially have way way more upside. Once you pick through them using this, then maybe you actually go there to confirm. It is not a bad idea for real estate hunting.

(no, I am not a shareholder)

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I thought of this 15 years ago when we were trying to find a rental in Boston. We’d say “We want a house like xyz” and the lady would drive us around to apartments that didn’t come close. It was ridiculous. I kept saying to my husband “If they would just show us videos of places, it would save a lot of time for both of us!”

Right? And not just any videos mind you, you would want a real immersive experience where you really feel like you are there, in the actual house…

Who are we kidding? No different from the video tape era, it will probably take the adult porn industry to blaze the path for this type of technology into mainstream America

I don’t think you need the porn industry to develop this. Both videogaming and the military have an interest in this technology.