Wow, Better Up That Insurance

Interesting story. I mean, let’s say the place was properly and legally built with inspections. Can’t the homeowner argue that the Planning Dept passed everything and thus was responsible for not catching that junction box? Obviously, if not permitted, never mind…

The trend of fire departments going after the public is disturbing. .In Tahoe the fire department is charging people when they show up when you call 911…total bullshit

Your government at work.

Similarly, here is a direct quote from the Vallejo City Manager’s budget presentation to Council a few years back. Look at numbers 2 and 5:

_There are two keys to retaining our fiscal stability in the future: 1) continuing our efforts to _
_achieve program efficiencies and savings across the organization, and 2) economic _
_development which generates new revenue to the City. With respect to generating cost savings _
_and new revenues, we will be focusing on the following areas in this budget year: _
_1. Increasing our business license revenue collection efforts, utilizing in-house staff. _
_2. Increasing transient occupancy tax revenue collections by auditing all registered _
_operators to ensure full collection of revenues. _
3. Litigation management – early intervent
_ion and active case management to reduce _
_ongoing litigation costs and risk exposure. _
_4. Increasing revenues and eliminating the General Fund subsidy to the Parking Fund. _
_5. Increasing traffic and parking enforcement efforts, leading to additional fines revenue. _
_6. Increasing collection efforts at the Vallejo Marina, and continuing improvements to the _
_Marina which increase available rentable berths in the facility. _
_7. Improved fleet management, _
_ceasing expansion of the fleet and reducing the vehicle _
_fleet to more sustainable levels. _
_8. Increasing revenues and decreasing expenses at the Blue Rock Springs golf courses. _
_9. Reducing workers compensation costs through more active management of injury _
_cases. _
_10. Participating in the State Inter-agency Intercept Program for the first time, a program _
_which intercepts (offsets) income tax refunds when individuals have delinquent debts _
owed to government agencies.

Yeah, this is really getting ridiculous. So, are we landlords really supposed to check all of our wiring and junction boxes periodically to make sure everything is fine??? How can I check wiring that is hidden behind drywall??? As far as we know, or hope, there was no intent by the owners to create a situation that might cause a fire. May be worth following this case cuz it could impact a lot of us. In the meantime, refrain from doing non permitted work (electrical anyway)…

If that case had any sound, legal basis, criminal charges would have been filed.

Typical bullying government overreach…Reminds me of the zero tolerance gestapo attitude of our police where they shoot a guy 6 times or 50 times because their work safery rights are more important than our civil rights…

I think you’ve got that wrong. The police frequently fire 50 rounds but, only six actually hit the intended target. :open_mouth:. But, uninformed people will tell you that only the police and military should be allowed to own guns because their “trained”…

It’s the same reason that my archery hunting buddies used to knock the hell out of the young military participants in paint ball tournaments.

Old age and treachery will overcome youth and vigor, every time. :slight_smile: