Wow... government is too big

“By fiscal 2015, he said, the government-wide improper payment rate was 4.39 percent — which came out to about $136.9 billion that year.”

That’s payments that the government shouldn’t have made. Then there’s the pentagon report that they waste $125B/yr. So just the pentagon and waste of improper payments are bigger than Apple’s 2016 revenue. Let that one sink in, because who know how much other waste is there with redundant and overlapping departments.


$42.5 Million up to June to protect the third lady Malaria. $400M if she continues doing that for 4 years. But let’s send our kids with an empty stomach to school. So much sacrifice for the country.

$3M expenses on the liar in the white house for playing golf at his own hotel every weekend.

Wait! Is the war machine asking for mo’ money? Start right there, those $100 hammers that you can buy for $3 at home cheapo is a good beginning.

Lots of cuts to be made. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So you want to compare $100M to $136B? Maybe you aren’t familiar with the terminology. M = million and B = billion.

It’s raining wasted $ out there, $1m over here, $1m over there. You start saving $ by blocking one waste of $ at a time.

Besides that, I don’t even know where’s the wasting of anything, I just see the most obvious waste right in front of my nose and I think we should start with those in government wasting our tax money.

How many houses for the veterans could be built with $400M? I bet we could be building 1-2 homes a day with that waste in protecting a worthless hotel and its occupants in NY. Move them to the white house!

You seem to hate government, right? Or only the democrat administrations? Supposedly, allegedly, republicans are very conservative when they are on the opposition, not when they are in power. War here, war over there, bombing empty airfields there, while cutting services for the poor here, etc.

Start with the elected billionaires in power being fed by our taxes. They should lead with example of how you save money for the government.
We are supposed to be their bosses, not the other way around. That includes all of them, demos, repubs and indeps.

Yet you seem to think raising taxes and giving the government more money is a good idea? You trust that the government will use it to efficiently help people? It’s more likely they’ll use more money and power to make their friends richer.

If it was up to me, we’d go back to the days when the government spending was <5% of GDP. We’d have a very tiny federal government.

If you think they work for the average citizen, then you don’t get how government works. They work for the people that fund their campaign. That’s how they get funding for their next campaign. If they don’t follow orders, then the people with money will back another candidate that will follow orders. People think Bush and Obama were complete opposites. They had almost identical top donors. How could the same people fund Bush and Obama if they are supposedly exact opposites?