Wow, In The Tenderloin?

So tell me, is the Loin gentrifying? I haven’t been there in years.

My bus goes through there, so I am seeing some gentrifying with some new buildings going up but you still have the usual characters and homeless people out there. Please be mindful that there are those sleazy single room hotels that are there and if they are there what is going to change that? So, to see a condo in the Loin sell for nearly a half mil is still surprising at least to me.

Most important question to me: Does the Loin still smell of urine?

Come on, taking the escalator out of a better neighborhood like the Embarcadero you will still smell urine so of course!!!

We are just too soft on so many things here, crime and the homeless. What ever happened to strong policing? New York did it and cleaned up Times Square. When I was there recently, felt very safe and there weren’t nearly the number of homeless people there like here.

Doesn’t all of SF smell of urine at some point?

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No, only those areas frequented and stayed by the homeless tend to have that stench. The drought, up until this past year, didn’t help as we all had to conserve or there wasn’t enough rain to clean things up. More public toilets would help.

Yeah no kidding

My 77 year old neighbor was nearly arrested by the CHP near Dixon for peeing off the side of the road hundreds yards from the freeway…The officer was a total Nazi even when my neighbor who is a holocast Survivor explained he had prostate cancer…yet the homeless are allowed to relieve themselves anywhere in SF?