Yes, Trump Gets Another Supreme Court Pick!

OMG, it is working out better than I thought…

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Liberals are going to shit green nickels. Ginsburg is next. 7-2 majority. Even rent control is doomed. Time to start litigation now.

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Where is our favorite anti tenant attorney, Andrew Zacks, when you need him? Oh, Andrew…where are thou???

In Tahoe my best friend is my eviction attorney. :sunglasses:

Ok, that’s nice… I would say the only thing possibly better is that my best friend is the IRS man…

Is it going to be him or her? Both are Roman Catholic.

Both are Roman Catholic. Great, Romans were against rent control, right??? :grinning:


Seems that CNN and democrats prefer Amy Coney Barrett over Brett Kavanaugh, not sure why.

Don’t be too hasty. Anti-trust law just got gutted. Welcome to our new corporate overlords.

TL:DR; Supreme court overturned the circuit court in allowing American Express to have contractual language to prevent merchants from steering customers to lower cost cards

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Fascinating!!! Maybe AE should charge what everyone else does. I have a friend who ran a business and said she’d ask to see people’s wallets and choose another card for them because AE gouged small vendors.

Some vendors don’t accept American Express which is annoying.

I’m more afraid of Visa and MasterCard to drive out American Express.

I am confused about this lawsuit. Seems that the lawsuit wants to regulate the contract between American Express and their vendors? This is like SF uses just cause eviction to void the fixed term rental agreement so that landlord lose the right to get the property back after lease expiration.

I think people are not stupid. People will know which company is more expensive and which is cheaper.

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Why did Obama miss the opportunity on Ginsburg when he had a talent crowding white house? Are Democrats really furious at Obama now?

Watch for the announcement at 9pm today. Feels like it’s going to be Thomas Hardiman instead

“As a teenager, Hardiman began working part-time as a taxi driver, which he continued to do throughout high school and college.[5][6] In 1983, he graduated from Waltham High School.[7]

He was the first person in his family to graduate from college, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame on an academic scholarship and graduating with honors in 1987.[3][5] He then studied law at Georgetown University Law Center, where he served as an editor of the Georgetown Law Journal[3] and a member of the moot court team,[8] while working at law firms during the summers and academic terms to help pay his tuition.[9] He received a Juris Doctor with honors in 1990.[3][9]”

Trump’s sister is a little bit liberal. Hardiman is also a suspect.

“But a lot of conservative activists hate Barry, mostly for a 2000 ruling she made overturning New Jersey’s ban on so-called “partial-birth” abortion. Barry argued that the ban was unconstitutionally vague, potentially encompassing many other types of abortion clearly protected under Roe. The decision also came down shortly after Stenberg v. Carhart, a Supreme Court case striking down a nearly identical Nebraska law. For that reason, even Samuel Alito, then on the Third Circuit, concurred in Barry’s judgment.”

Democratic senator from Montana is eager to vote for any superme court nominee. He’s really cooperative with Trump. He really wants to keep his job.

If there is no resistance from Democrats at all and everything moves smoothly withou any drama, how will Trump get voters out in November?

Brett Kavanaugh, reliable with millions of pages of writing. Yale law school.

Hundreds of boxes of documents

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I watched some CNN today. They asked audience to call their senators to confirm Kavanaugh. It mentioned Montana Democratic senator Jon Tester.

Why does CNN do this? Are they experimenting with moving to the right?

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“ This is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s third bout with cancer. In 1999, she was treated for colorectal cancer; in 2009, it was pancreatic cancer.

Alex Wong/Getty Images”

Which doctor does Justice Ginsburg go to? Must be the #1 doctor in the world