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Don’t drive by Bodyrok in the rain…

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Just drove to SFO last night. On the bay bridge in, car weaving dangerously (I’m an aggressive driver, but this is stupid/cocaine level weaving). On the bay bridge coming back… car weaving dangerously. Was hoping CHP would get him but they already had two others pulled over. 80 be scary.

I see stuff like this everywhere but it does seem like it’s more often. A few weeks ago a corvette tried to run a mercedes off the freeway. I don’t know WTF that was about, guessing the mercedes accidentally cut him off.

Damn, I need a good dashcam.

I don’t even drive that much! Couple days a week!

Yes, when I had my new navi deck installed the guy showed me why I need a dashcam too. Holy smokes, the videos he showed me of people running red lights and plowing into either cars or cyclists. I went ahead and had him put one in just for peace of mind. Hope I never have to go to the tape…