Your favorite restaurant?

Can you post your favorite restaurants? This thread can only include the following info, all comments and debates can only posted on a different thread. This is our restaurant guide only

Restaurant name:
City or address
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Favorite dish:

My favorite is East Lake Restaurant in San Jose.

Rating is 6 out of 5. Our favorite dish is “Yellow Feather Chicken Congee” (make sure you specify “yellow feather”) and pretty much every item on the dim sum menu. The plain rice rolls are off menu but you can make special order. For dinner our favorite is actually their free soup. It’s traditional soup your mom or grandma would make at home, if they are good cooks and they love you. Not the Americanized “won ton soup”. No, we Chinese don’t drink those.

All the dishes I mentioned above are best in the Bay Area. Price is very affordable. Half the price of Dragon Beaux I just sadly found out today. :sob: