Your president is having a "Stormy" weather



That guy is having a rough time. I bet he’ll end up disbarred for doctoring sworn statements based on the interviews with the Kavanaugh accuser that he represented.


The guy is the ultimate sleazeball lawyer. Probably a drug abuser too.


Yes, but is he a closer???


Is he still going for 2020 Democratic primary?


He wants to be Hillary’s running mate


Calm down kids! :smile:

Respecting the wishes of those loving the demise of the PC culture, well, here I am! Don’t complain now, you wanted the truth, so, here you are! :sweat_smile:

I know you’re lacking moral values after me seeing you going after a lawyer representing a woman doing her well paid job, you know, they say some obscure “nude models” do that, sleeping with a guy representing the cesspool on earth. I am entitled to say so since you weren’t asking for the vulgar president to step down after he was caught lying about having sex with Stormy Daniels, were you? Yeah! I didn’t think so!

It takes one cheater to know another cheater, right? :rofl:

In order for this lawyer having his 15 minutes of glory spent, to become a candidate in the republican party, the following things, actions or events need to be done, or need to happen, or need to be said. Enjoy them:

1- Buying his wife in the Soviet block because no American woman can marry a POS. 3 bought wives the better. He really hates American women, no doubt about it.

2- Raping his first wife

3- Cheating on all his wives, 3 is good, more? the better

4- Having weird statements about his own daughter.

5- Paying to hide he was having sex with a porno actress and probably an abortion. But still be called “the anointed” by Christians.

6- Lying constantly, and backing out of that lie next day, lying 7 times daily, the better.

7- Putting down our security agencies and praising our enemies. Dancing with Muslims but refusing to call them "radical Muslims! My God! Is that Obama?

8- Kissing women against their will, like if they were “beaches” (his own words) because he is a star

9- Grabbing women by their “thingy” against their will.

10- Mocking handicapped people

11- Mocking Asians while his supporters were cheering and laughing in many rallies at “me want a deal”

12- Mocking a dying from cancer POW in rallies, while his idiot supporters were laughing at his demise.

13- Criminalizing Mexicans-Hispanic people.

14- Calling Nazis-White supremacists “good people” after they killed an American woman on the street.

12- Defrauding people with a fake university.

13- Calling women pejorative names

14- Calling other countries “shitholes”.

15- Attacking fallen soldier’s wives.

16- Abandoning soldiers in Niger, to the point one was chewed up by wild animals after he was killed. Benghazi! :smiley:

17- Threatening, accusing the media of being the enemy of the people, thus causing the deaths of press reporters nationwide. Hitler would be so proud of him.

18- Using his governmental position to violate the emolument clause by playing golf exclusively on his golf courses and pocketing some cash in the process.

19- Living, acting, eating, sleeping, spending our money as if he were the CEO of a company with the lavish life style of playing golf, and spending our taxpayer’s money in unstoppable weekly political rallies.

20- Being caught in a cheap motel with a male minor.

21- Being a conservative person, but joining the gay republican group Log Cabin. :yum:

22- Destroying the livelihood of farmers, then using Socialist plans to pay for their losses with $ billions from the taxpayer’s money in order to buy their votes. Nothing better than buying hungry people’s votes.

23- Calling black athletes SOBs while our kids are listening, knowing they are being punished when saying such vulgar word.

24- Attacking private entities, causing $ billions in losses out of despite for their owners or CEOs being the real deal, not a loser going BK several times to screw their associates or small contractors.

25- Frowning, foaming at the mouth, making mad faces or acting like a petulant kid when questioned by Americans, but drooling or smiling as if he is seeing the former girlfriend in college when Putin is walking by his side. Oh…….the smiley face is pathetically of a coward :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

26- Promising to lower the budget, or the expenses of a company, but instead increasing the red numbers.

27- Promising to build a wall against the ocean with the money from the neighbors to the South, but instead, shutting down the company he manages because the money is not coming from anywhere, not even from such neighbors down the road. :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

28- Never, ever being present in events honoring the fallen and veterans, but going golfing every weekend.

There’s more medals that could be attached to Avenatti’s chest to give him the opportunity to become a republican candidate but so far, not enough credits in his repertoire.

Don’t be disappointed, but at this point, he is a boy scout compared to the sexual pervert in the WH.

Imagine, you, a woman, delivering a baby, expecting your husband to come to help you, to rock the baby in his arms, or fed him, caress him/her, only to realize years later the scumbag was having sex, unprotected sex with a porno actress. It must be so lacking dignity, guts, moral principles, self esteem, to accept that person back in your bed. Is that what you voted for? Do you support cheating on your husband? You must be! I don’t see you denouncing that POS in the white house.

Did I miss your statement? Yeah right! :zipper_mouth_face:


You aren’t going to apologize for spreading fake news, are you? :smile:

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles district attorney declined to prosecute attorney Michael Avenatti on felony domestic abuse charges on Wednesday and referred allegations that he roughed up his girlfriend to the city attorney for a possible misdemeanor case.

Avenatti, 47, was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence last week after his girlfriend told police he abused her at his Los Angeles apartment following an argument.

A restraining order against Avenatti was issued after actress Mareli Miniutti said he dragged her by the arm across a bedroom floor.


The county declined to prosecute and referred it to the city DA’s office. It’s a city issue not a county issue. This doesn’t mean he won’t be charged.




That guy is having a rough time. I bet he’ll end up disbarred for doctoring sworn statements based on the interviews with the Kavanaugh accuser that he represented.


And still, another dumb poster supporting nonsense.




Investigation is still ongoing.



Are you a teenager? Jesus!

Do you know that saying………you can put a lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig?

We can talk all night long, believe me, everybody reading me knows I tend to write “testaments”. I had to erase a powerful statement, except you would cry.

So, let’s take anybody out of this equation or conversation.

The fact remains, you support a pig, who cheated on all his 3 wives, and, a pig who in the middle of the night went behind Melania’s back, cheating on her, to have sex, without any protection with a semi prost…while Melania, (who helped him to cheat on the second wife) was nursing their only child, thanks God!

Pigs support pigs.

The end.


Trump is a pig. But it is obvious that Melania knew what she was getting into.


The same can be said of Hillary and her husband. Two iconic women who achieved power and fame based not on their merits but on their willingness to hold their noses and cozy up to a powerful man. At least Melania isn’t being held up as an example today’s young women are supposed to emulate. And her chances of one day being president are likely worse than Hillary’s at this point.


Stop deflecting to any other person. Denounce this pig as you criticize or denounce the other pig Clinton.

But, it is not in you to accept you are what you support.

The end.


I got bored of other topics. So. did you hypocrites forgot Stormy and her lawyer patched up their differences? Oh, it doesn’t fit your cry baby attitude, right?


Is it me forgetting, or you are not that smart to remember this liar president was praising his lawyer Cohen? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Any decent, married, loving his wife, not cheating man wanting to state an opinion?

awww…there’s none? :smile:


Guess who’s owes back child and spousal support.