Your taxes at work

That 10% state tax you’re stuck with is going to pay the legislators coming up with this crap:

So how do we get a CA government shutdown?


Yeah, because prisons aren’t already over crowded with “non-violent” offenders. Let’s give domestic abuse perpetrators early release to make room for waitstaff that give people plastic straws. If they don’t want people using them, then they should completely ban them. The idea of fining a server who makes minimum wage plus tips $1,000 is insane.

“And up in Seattle, food service businesses won’t be allowed to offer plastic straws or utensils as of July.”

It appears Seattle is a leading city based on passing landmark legislation while California is only thinking about it. We have $15/hr minimum wage too. We even approve construction projects as we have more cranes than any city in the US. Seattle is a world class city.

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As long as idiots like this get elected the State is doomed.

“They got us into this absolute mess we are in today where poor people and people of color cannot afford to live in this city”

That’s a really confusing statement. Are people of color charged more to live in SF? I’m confused how skin color impacts what someone can afford.

So she’s mad because rich white men are supporting a minority candidate? I bet if those same white men spoke up against London, then she’d accuse them of being racist. You can’t have it both ways.

This woman Ronen is disgusting. She symbolizes everything that is wrong with PC politics. She worked herself into a hissy fit to justify firing a black woman. She is terrified she will be branded a racist. In reality she is just an idiot…

The black community is not going to take this sitting down,” the Rev. Amos Brown, head of the N.A.A.C.P. in San Francisco and the pastor of Third Baptist Church, said in an interview on Wednesday.

Mr. Brown portrayed the decision as yet another blow to blacks in the city, whose numbers have been dwindling in recent years and who were evicted en masse during the city-led redevelopment of black neighborhoods in the 1960s and ’70s. “There’s never been an intentional effort on the so-called progressive liberals of this town to work with the black community so that we would have our fair share,” he said.

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Speech by Ronen:

“Behind the last mayoral administration and the one before that, there were the same tech moguls and real-estate billionaires who make money off our staggeringly high rents. The policies they championed are the ones that have decimated the African-American community in this City and are doing the same to the Latino community. LGBTQ people are being pushed out in alarming numbers, and I believe the Asian American community is the next in line.”

I’d be skeptical if either LGBTQ people–who used to and probably still, make more than the average heterosexual person–or Asians are being pushed out. Especially since Asians make up a pretty significant amount of the Tech population… and real-estate investors on this list. Am I missing something?

I also am confused about how rich white men supporting a minority candidate is somehow a bad thing. Is she convinced London isn’t going to be supportive of the African American community.

I’m just confused.

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This is a race to the bottom of who can be the most liberal politically correct idiot…Blacks have known for 50 years not to trust liberals…Like Brown said their elitist nimbyism and environmental activism has not helped the black community…Housing is key…Build lots of housing…Will employ the working class, help them get housing and provide opportunties for the homeless…The Progressive movement is not about providing anything but PC talking points…Blame everyone but themselves for the inaction by the Bd of Stupes for the last 50 years…

Oh the irony that SF has had Democrat mayors since 1964. I guess democrats were behind the redevelopment of black neighborhoods. It’s amazing how democrats talk a huge game about helping minorities while screwing them every chance they get.

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Oh wow. That’s soooooooo going to make a dent in plastic use.

And what about the little kiddos? Do they now get to suck through the hole in the lid like we keep telling them not to do?

Back to paper straws

Wow… I can’t believe this is in any way constitutional. Especially when they talk about compensating bond holders, and they want to exempt financial institutions with more than $2B in assets.