Zillow Empire Grows

Zillow will one day be the national MLS. If you are an agent you know the MLS software is a sad joke.

So why again are we still using Redfin then?

Redfin pools data from multiple MLS. That fact alone is a joke. We have an MLS for SF, one for Easy Bay, one for North Bay, one for South Bay… it’s balkanized. The only thing common among them: they all suck.

Once Zillow controls the data source they can do all kinds of trickery. Redfin has a pretty interface but nothing much otherwise. Speaking of which, where is that damn IPO?

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And where does realtor.com fit in this universe? I just want to use one site ideally for updates instead of getting pings from Trulia (part of zillow right?), zillow and redfin. My email inbox is out of control…

Realtor.com is the official baby of national realtor organization. But its interface is pretty lame. I think Redfin does a pretty good job. Stick with Redfin. It has access to the “real” MLS data. You have to hold a broker license in every state you do business to get access to that data. They always highlight that compared with Zillow.

But you just convinced me that Zillow is going to take over everything, no?

Well, it hasn’t yet. :smile: Until that day we can still party like 1999.

Ok, I’ll drop Trulia which is essentially Zillow correct?

I think so. Have you seen anything from Trulia that you don’t see anywhere else?

Not that I can recall. Too many dang properties out there!!!

Yea, I am sticking with Redfin for my primary data source. I compared with a few other sources like MLS email & Trulia, Redfin did a good job with getting the data in almost real-time as MLS system.

Redfin - Good for everything except trend chart.
Zillow - Trend chart :grinning:. Unfortunately only 10 years max, 25+ years would be good.

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Zillow stock has been pretty flat…

The NAR is controlling MLS. The present one really has issues. The cost is $800 a year for professional version. I have to pay NAR $100s a year to support their political issues. They control all associations and all brokers and realtor must join.

It spend millions dollars competing with Z, Homes with Realtor.com and I suggest it lost out.

Realtor.com is controlled by NAR. Its headquarter in DC looks like a UN bldg. I have to belong to them to support their motions…

Realtor.com has zero chance against Zillow. They need to spend top ad dollars to get the brand recognition that Zillow has, and it’s already too late. I heard Zillow is actively seeking listing agents to have their houses on Zillow first before they put on MLS? Is that true in the Bay Area?

In their latest earnings Zillow is milking the top producing agents while letting the also-runs fall on the wayside. It’s a good strategy I think.

Coldwell and other companies are willing to pay referrals to give to their agents. The individual agents who buy zip codes are mostly dropped out as it does not generate credible leads.

That being said, I got a lead from a Zillow employee. We are into contract. I do not spend advertising money on the internet. I just have a profile set up as a realtor. If one spends $350 x 4 zip codes=$1,440/month and get awful leads or clicks the agent will be broke. But Remax , a public company they can afford to pay $10K a month sign 1, 2 3 year contract.

That being said Z is still not profitable after that many years. When I was selling Cupertino Coffee Society where Java was created as a software product, the two year pay back does not impress the investors. What is the future of an internet stock if it does not make money to stock share holders?

Sam Shueh Realtor
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Is it too late??? Realtor.com’s spokesperson Elizabeth Banks to the rescue!!!