Zillow Empire Grows


DARN!! Is she hosting open house today???


Even a young Elizabeth Banks (here) falling out of her dress would not save an open house today (Super Bowl Sunday)…


Fools! I will go with Elizabeth anytime any day.


Or maybe not…


When housing price rises and inventory decreases, realtor has less deals to do and will have less need to advertise on Zillow

I did not use Zillow that much, Redfin is my top RE site. Maybe Zillow should buy Redfin and fire all agents, making Redfin a RE site for all the agents to compete for customers.

Or, if I could lead Redfin, would turn it into a site for all the agents to get leads but fire all the Redfin agents. Redfin is wasting its huge high quality user base






Zillow is thinking like a real estate firm. Redfin is thinking like a tech startup with programmer bros and ping pong tables. Difference in result is striking.


Everyone I know uses redfin to search for homes. No one uses redin agents to buy/sell their home.


Let this guy explain what Zillow just did with instant offers. It’s a pretty big deal for less expensive markets.


I never use redfin to search…Zillow is easier…Or Realtor.com…Try Mls public websites…Redfin to me was only about the forum and they didn’t want to bother with it…


What’s wrong with Redfin agent? You can get a refund of commission.

Redfin is designed for buyers, not so much for sellers


Most independents will refund…Redfin is offering nothing new or special there…


Most people want the hand holding that you don’t get from redfin. Redfin has TV commercials in Seattle. They advertise 1% listing fee.


Redfin is not doing well and Redfin is not much cheaper. I guess commission based realtor system is pretty efficient and low cost. Most of the agents time is spent with zero pay.

Maybe other industry can learn from realtor model and hire all the employees as free agent, not employees. That’ll remove the employee cost for health insurance, worker’s comp, and reduce office rent.

Next time, be nice to your realtor. She works very hard for you even though she may never get paid for her hard work to serve you.


I suppose I would be upset if my 3% for doing nothing was taken away from me too…


Uh oh…cracks in the foundation???