Dow Down 666 Points



WB has mostly bought industrial firms like railways and power plants. His return on equity the last decade has been pretty bad, and he has most of his money tied up in there.

WB has missed the most important economic driver of the last 20 years and that’s tech. Don’t follow him too closely.


He told it clearly that he won’t invest in the field where he does not have knowledge.

It does not means following is wrong. He is sound proven investor


WB is senile and outdated. He’s only maintaining money he had made when he was young. He missed the Silicon Valley miracle altogether.


Who is the one giving bad advice?

Bill Gates or Warren Buffett?


Not sure if this economist article is behind paywall or not. It pierced a hole into the WB myth:

The industrial arm’s operating performance is bog standard and, once you include the goodwill, its ROE is a weak 6%, down from 9% in 2007 before Berkshire shifted course (these sums exclude the amortisation of intangible assets, which is in accordance with how Mr Buffett assesses profits).

The industrial businesses’ lacklustre record mean they account for about 60% of Berkshire’s sunk capital but have generated only about half of its look through profits, and 40% of its growth in book value over the past five years. For the five big industrial companies where figures are consistently available, total profits have risen by 4% a year since 2012, which is no better than a basket of similar peers. Profits at BNSF, for example, have risen only just above inflation and in line with other railways.


Think other way, even at this age 80+ he is making sound decision , made 60% gain in AAPL and holding enviable position.


@wuqijun seems to have better return than WB?


I don’t know about that, but with his wealth he wouldn’t be interested in percentage gain, but only absolute gain or just wealth preservation.


Ok. Black Friday back on.


Please! Give us a moment of peace! :laughing:


Trade war with China. Real war with Russia. :smile:


you people getting too serious about all these world leader TALK
they talk, talk talk, that’s it, remember kim jong un, nuclear war with n.korea?


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The stock market is having a STORMY weather, isn’t it? :sweat_smile:


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Relax…breathe…go outside…smell the coffee…:sweat_smile:

t’s hard to sugarcoat the stock market’s performance in March. It was undeniably a bad month for investors — and already we’ve seen signs that April may bring continued fireworks.

However, after a roughly 6% decline for the S&P 500 (SPX) from highs in late February, most folks have been acting like all hell has broken lose.:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Ok stock is tanking. Is it Trump again? :rage:


You own the wrong stocks.



Let’s see how well your screen will do on Black Monday, after Trump fires Mueller tonight. :scream: