1.4M in Rockridge, Oakland


I like (parts of) Oakland, and I sorta pay some attention to that market. But I am shocked the price at Rockridge has risen so high!

House is big, with many old-world charms. Backyard is big, and usable. It even has a nice in-law guest house on the side.

I almost moved to Oakland. Sigh…

Come on, Manch, SF ain’t thaaaaat bad…

But thanks for giving Oakland some love. And to think I was seriously considering selling my Oakland income property to be cash flow negative back in the west side of the Bay. The best move, is no move.

Where is your Oakland property? I have one in West Oakland.

Lower Dimond, 4 plex. All 2/1s. Been through the rough years and finally reaping the rewards now. Place has always been fully occupied relatively easily. I had delusions of retiring early by selling to an interested buyer but my crack IRS buddy gave me the bad news about how much I would pay in capital gains. That was why I was considering 1031 exchanging it for a local SFH property where I can move in eventually to eat into that capital gains. Maybe, I just leave it alone and keep the income coming through when I do retire. What are your plans for the Oakland property?

West Oak is gentrifying on a very fast clip. I will hang on to my property there, maybe even buying more. But price is too high there now, compared to rental income. Even SF has better cash flow…

I suppose I should seriously entertain the idea of partnering up with my former Oakland tenant who is a contractor and go in on a spot over there for a quick flip or rental income. I am sure harder to find now, but that hasn’t stopped me ever. Wifey thinks we have enough (since no kids) but the last time I checked banks ain’t paying high interest and as an old fashioned chinese I don’t like to dabble in stocks. What to do???

The house closed escrow and guess what the sale price is???

1.74M !!!

Darn it! Didn’t expect Rockridge Oakland to be that hot!

It was sold for 200K in 2009 really! Interior doesn’t look that new to me like it was redone

Definitely proximity to BART and shopping on college ave is a big plus, Do you think temescal area near macarthur bart and near telegraph ave retail has the hope of becoming the next rockridge?

Temscal has been hot for a while. So yes, it’s on the way there.

What do you think the other side of 24? Price is night and day by comparison.