10 Hottest Neighborhoods

1… First Hill, Seattle, WA:

Median Sale Price: $425,000
Average Sale-to-List Price Ratio: 105.4%
Percent of Homes that Sold Above List Price: 73.0%

“First Hill is sandwiched between the ever-popular Capitol Hill and the Yesler Terrace redevelopment, with easy access to downtown,” said Seattle Redfin agent Jessie Culbert. “With Whole Foods opening in 2018 at the Danforth apartment building, the area is becoming even more desirable. Buyers tend to like the more quiet, tree-lined streets in this neighborhood and historic mansions that hearken back to Seattle’s heritage. All we need is more inventory; resales at Luma condos, which sold out in 2016, have been brisk, signaling high demand for new construction.”

2… Golden Gate Heights, San Francisco, CA:

Median Sale Price: $1,595,500
Average Sale-to-List Price Ratio: 120.3%
Percent of Homes that Sold Above List Price: 86.7%

“Golden Gate Heights borders the very popular Inner Sunset neighborhood,” said San Francisco Redfin agent Miriam Westberg. “It may be a slightly longer walk to area restaurants and shops, but homes are often more affordable and can boast great views of the Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge. The neighborhood has easy access to public transportation, Golden Gate Park, Irving Street and the West Portal commercial core.”

3… Bucknall, San Jose, CA:

Median Sale Price: $1,350,000
Average Sale-to-List Price Ratio: 115.1%
Percent of Homes that Sold Above List Price: 90.9%

“Bucknall has been on the rise for quite some time, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon,” said Redfin San Jose agent Jennifer Tollenaar. “Bucknall has a highly ranked school system and is in close proximity to downtown San Jose. There is plenty of shopping and dining nearby, and it’s easy to jump on the interstate for weekend getaways.”

4… Glenview, Oakland, CA:

Median Sale Price: $947,500
Average Sale-to-List Price Ratio: 125.7%
Percent of Homes that Sold Above List Price: 82.1%

“The Glenview neighborhood is a popular choice for Oakland homebuyers given its proximity to public commuter buses into San Francisco, a popular commercial district, the highly-ranked local elementary school and charming mix of craftsman bungalows,” said Redfin Oakland agent Neal Conatser. “Once touted by San Francisco Magazine as a neighborhood for ‘finding a deal,’ its desirability is no longer a secret and, like many surrounding neighborhoods, competition and price points are expected to rise appreciably.”

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I have never heard of Bucknall and Glenview…

This is Bucknall, a tiny patch of West San Jose:


Are these real names? Sound pretty made up…

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Article is crap. How hard, or easy, is it to achieve great % gains on lower cost properties in general? Uh, where is the Sunset district? I guess, the author will hide behind the “well, this is a prediction of future hot neighborhoods” defense. Let’s get back to reality and planet Earth. Sunset is easily at 22% above selling price and definitely more expensive than a lot of the regions mentioned. So, is the author thinking that the Sunset is not sustainable? Well, it has defied that kind of thinking for eons now. Why would it only change vs everywhere else?

Here is even data from Redfin itself for the Sunset for the last 30 days. 40 sales in a calendar month in a relatively small concentrated neighborhood like the Sunset/Parkside is impressive however you want to slice it but one needs to include the Sunset in the party…

We are in the middle stage of the housing boom.

Stage 1: Outperformance of high end neighborhoods (PacHeights)
Stage 2: Outperformance of middle class neighborhoods (Sunset)
Stage 3: Outperformance of low end neighborhoods (Bayview)
Stage 4: Bust


Hey looks like someone’s ego is hurt… :smile:

Golden gate heights is pretty close to Sunset tho.

I think the article is pretty accurate… GG Heights is pretty much where Sunset is. And West San Jose is indeed the nicest part of San Jose.

Not exactly…I just want fair and honest reporting, not FAKE NEWS!

Regarding GGH,

Gee, Writer, who has said this before???

Most beautiful neighborhood of SJ is Willow Glen :grinning:

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Have anyone heard about “Bucknall”?

Have bidded for a few SFHs there, outbidded a few times so give up.
I don’t go by neighborhood names, after checking I realize is the same area where houses go to Gussie Baker Elementary. I also like SFHs that go to Country Lane Elementary. The neighborhood there looks pretty.


Yes but WSJ costs more than Willow Glen because of its location.

So Willow Glen is ideal for primary :slight_smile: “Cheap” and good.

Yes, you can buy more square footage with same amount for sure.

Avoid any home on the Bucknall road as this traffic road, but its neighborhood is nice.

During 2009-2011 period, I have contested with many bids and failed to grab one. There are nice large lot homes, mostly competitive and goes premium always.

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Thought I can get some steals but was very surprised so many people knew :grinning: and now that it is on this RE blog and national news, my hope of getting some here and near Country Lane is small unless I bid aggressively. You are right about many big lot :grin: , walking distance to elementary schools and nice neighborhood, why not :rofl:

No doubt, those tree lined willow glen are best place in San Jose. I value WSJ is good for ROI, but like to live at WG.

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Homes on bucknall Rd are good for a discount. Don’t avoid, but find the deal!!!

Naaaah, on bucknall Rd !

I can get better discount/Deal in East Palo Alto than bucknall Rd

Bucknall Rd is actually pretty quiet. A car will drive by once a minute only. Only 5% discount. No more than that.

The first home I bought for a residence was in Glenview. …