100 baggers

He is not sincere. He lies as much as Trump. Listen to quite a lot of his speeches, lies + truths, very persuasive to nerds.

Not sure doesn’t mean doesn’t have a goal.

I am not sure that I could become a billionaire but have a goal to be one. Until I am dead, the possibility is there. I will go for it. No no, I am not into the money. I just want to show others that ordinary folks like Forrest Gump and me can dream and achieve the impossible.

Every CEO lies. To put it mildly, Elon is a bit more liberal with his lies :smile:

Doesn’t mean much to have a goal. I had great goals when I was sipping some Patron Silver Tequila this weekend :smile:

Most startups fail pre IPO.

Not sure what % of post IPOed companies are successful(definition of successful - higher than S&P500 returns over 10 years?)

Anyways, I’m still looking for someone who can tell how to spot a multi-bagger. Since, there is no way to know, it’s throwing darts.

I linked a book :slight_smile: Re-link for you…


Will check it out.

Is this popular on reddit/RH forums? :smile: Just kidding…

Here’s another link.



Ram’s other potential 100 baggers.

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Shame on us. Five potential baggers for him. I have just followed his tweets.

At first glance, price chart of LULU looks similar to TSLA.

Those flat 7-years is very difficult for anybody to hold still. I think the bigger lesson is not to buy the initial batch correctly, yes that is very important, but have the conviction to add to the position when things are finally moving.

Often times we get seduced by other new sexier names or think the old horse is already expensive, not realizing it still has a lot of stamina inside.


Easy for @wuqijun

Theoretically, you can go on margin after the first 10x to buy another 100 baggers :slight_smile:

Rephrasing what I have said :man_shrugging:

Incidentally, have yet to finish reading the book 100 baggers, so long winded. I think about 1/3 :wink:

Anyhoo, I am praying for a crash so I can buy potential 100 baggers for a pretty penny.

Based on the chart below, which stocks have the best potential? FB?

if it crashes on Monday, which stocks you gonna dump the margin money? :wink:


I have huge untapped margin from AAPL holding. No need to dump any stocks. Just BTFD. Not 100% margin ofc. Max margin is 30% for safety.

I realize I have missed two opportunities, 2007 financial crisis and 2020 Mar tumble. Anyhoo only if it is an epic crash, won’t bother if correction.

sorry I wrongly worded it. Which stocks you gonna buy after crash, like crazy?

I have a long list of candidates, buy only if price is right. IMHO is an obvious list.


May add to current holding of


100 bagger: invest $50k only get you $5 million.

We need 1000 baggers!!! :rofl:

Only a few able to do that.

$1M to $100M :slight_smile:

Nearly impossible. No one is going to invest $1M into a potential 100 bagger. $50k maybe :slight_smile:

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ive been watching these as well. The only ones I am not sure of are COIN and SQ. SQ because I own it, and I think Stripe might eat their lunch in the future, so IMHO not a 100 bagger, and COIN because right now their main advantage is easy in and out from Crypto, so people suck up the high fees but I am not sure they have a long term advantage as UIs get better and DeFi gets more advanced. (I could be wrong). COIN does seem to track crypto market broadly I think so it is an okay proxy for investing in crypto


Ideally current market cap should not be more than $10B.

The biggest obstacle to great return is large stock based compensation.

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