100M Mansion in Palo Alto

Proof that even if you ran a company to the ground you can still live the high life.


Rex listing provides this ! Sharing Just for Fun !!

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Don’t think it will sell for this price. Maybe 50m?

The running joke was the price of a full home in mid-west was just a down payment here.
The amount of down payment is just a month’s pay here.

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Pretty isolated. Nobody wants to up there near Skyline. Worth maybe $30m


Woodside is even more isolated. 30m seems low. I say 50-70.

If I had money like this then I won’t be living in someone else’s dream home. Sundar Pichai is building his own dream home and Swatt Mier is the architect.

Brocade founder is also trying to offload his for 55M

I don’t know why would you buy something like this when this kind of money gives you the power to build your dream home.


Ego mansions are too personalized. Never sell for what the sellers think they are worth.

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Good point.

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Scott spent $11M for this mansion and it was built in 2008. He wants a 900% return, pretty greedy for a former founder/CEO. He could have invested 11m into facebook in 2008 and get a much better return.

Real question is why they want to sell their dream home. It’s only 10 years, why not keep them and even live there. Why doesn’t he invent in VC and stop selling houses.

I feel sad when I read this kind of news. A star founder/CEO from prior tech generation has gone obsolete so quickly. He could use his money and connections to stay relevant forever.


Where is Sundar Pichai building?

Maybe he’s retiring somewhere without a state income tax.

Personally the house is butt ugly. Looks like a prison building. No charm. No integration into the landscape and. A very weird amalgam of contemporary and rustic

What do you think of the houses that PPG puts out there? Mix of modern and traditional.

I used to do engineering for them when they where strictly traditional. I don’t think they are comfortable with contemporary. Me neither. Modern designs are ripe for litigation potential. I stick with tried and true. Pushing the envelope is bound to cause problems.

Not only is this McNealy mansion ugly, the landscaping is non existent. Did he run out of money?
Did not plant one tree or shrub. The grass is all brown this time of year.

Frankly many dream homes become nightmares. Ego owners try to put too much into a house. End up with an over sized hot mess . Like this POS and Micheal Jordan’s house. Same with Carl Malone’s house in Utah. 20k SF sold for $3m

The stone work looks fake and contrived. Did he get it on discount at HD? Seriously stupid design mistakes everywhere. Looks like a bad remodel…

I heard he had a lot of problems with approvals and neighbors. Maybe he can blame them for his dream/nightmare

Actually the house is only 22k SF. The basketball court started out as a hockey rink. Pissed off the neighborhood

My dream home is a castle perch on a hilltop with 100 acres land. When would I have those kind of monies?

They are cheap in France



What are some of the other design mistakes you see in the house?

Why do you think modern designs are “ripe for litigation potential”? Flat roof?

The roof has all kinds of areas that will leak. There are underground living areas that will leak. He mixed materials and styles in an amateurish way
And what is with all the fireplaces? Can’t he afford the PGE bill? Lots of solar panels. Greeny and a wood smoke polluter.

I would much rather have a chateau for 99% less


You know, I actually like the house…