12 Creative Ways to Add Major Value to Apartment Buildings

  1. Sub-Meter Utilities
  2. Washers and Dryers
  3. LED Lighting
  4. Vending Machines
  5. Garage Parking
  6. Prime Parking
  7. Renovations
  8. Trash Pick-Up Service
  9. Pet Rent
  10. Storage Units
  11. Cable Bill Kickback
  12. Renegotiate Expenses
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It’s standard in Seattle for tenants to pay all utilities. I don’t think they are individually metered either, since I don’t know where the meter would be. I think they just prorate the total utility bill among the number of tenants. It’s a racket.

Do the tenants pay utilities to landlord? Here the tenants would challenge whether landlord overcharge


It seems they are a third party that specializes in this.

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