1234 5th

Now nobody will mind the 4, because it’s cute. 1234 5, get it? 4/1.5/2000 asking 1.75M.


1 2 3 4 - 5 T H A V E :: Meticulously maintained throughout the years, this enchanting home is a showcase of beautiful original detail combined with custom craftsmanship. The main level features a spacious front living room w/ gas fireplace & handsome cherry wood mantle. The elegant formal dining room features original built-in china cabinet & gorgeous decorative fireplace. Off the dining room is a sunroom, the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee. The kitchen features granite counters, wolf range & pantry offering plenty of storage. Journey up the elegant staircase & you’ll find a large central bath, four rooms + sunroom offering flexible use. A special opportunity to set anchor in the coveted inner pocket of the Inner Sunset!


See my comment under the Sunset thread. Since this should go over 2M easily would you take this one or the one with the views?

This one. Its location is more prime, assuming both are selling for the same price of course. I suspect this one will fetch a higher price than 15th.

One thing I don’t get it, the lot is on the small side at 2375 ft. But its backyard looks big. What gives? Lying thru the lens?

I just realize this house is between Lincoln way and the N car tracks. You know what @harriet is gonna say… :smile:

Yours is def older but the views on that other one is pretty killer. We shall see…

Remember the article you posted? Ocean view adds little to house value. But close to the Golden Gate Park, transport on the N, and walkability to Irving all killer features.

Sure, but it is still interesting to see how these actually play out with real dollars spent though. That’s what makes real estate fun and interesting for me. It may make perfect sense to go with the always reliable Honda but someone will always be seduced to go for the problematic German make.

And it’s always fun to see people blow all their money on a Bayview condo. :smiling_imp:

That’s right, and too close to UCSF. Bad hospital aura.

Man, how many Chinese do we have here? For the uninitiated, that’s one of the Feng Shui no-no.

Good one, @harriet… I honestly did not know that one about the hospital. In this day of managed healthcare, one would think that would be a good thing… will need to bring that up at the next chinese superstitions monthly meeting :slight_smile:

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Holy cow! Listed for 1.75 but sold for 2.6 !!! Proof that the number 4 is just silly superstition.

850K over asking. :fire: :fire: :fire:

Agreed, this one made up for your lousy fire station…

Would this make it to the outrageous overbid list for 2017? Why would anyone pay 850k over asking ?

Massively overbid and overpaid. Massive.

$2.6M for a 2000sf home. That’s Palo Alto pricing!!! Since when has Inner Sunset caught up with Palo Alto?

Maybe some doctor from nearby UCSF bought it…(he/she saw that article that implied doctors couldn’t afford the Fab 7x7 and said, oh yeah, take this!!!)

What crazy article said that?

2.6 is not outrageous in Inner Richmond. But there gotta be road noise from Lincoln and the N. @harriet no doubt will disapprove.

This one… Come on, I did a thread on it!!!

Holy shit. What a bunch of baloney. I don’t know what kind of statistics horsecrap they are pulling here but there is no way in hell that’s even remotely true. Unless by SF they meant only Marina and Pac Height.

That’s right. I’m glad the medical schools rejected me. I could’ve become a poor doctor… :slight_smile:

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