1980 Santa Inez Ct

Should I bid for this this house?

Fellow posters especially sfdragonboy and Jil, please don’t bid for it.

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Go ahead, I am not in competition.

Justify why do you think this is beneficial to you?

Primary, I doubt? or Rental?

According to Redfin listing price is underpriced from market price by @$200K

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Come on, @hanera, don’t worry… (although I do like the 8 in the address number…:slight_smile:). For the most part, I am not really, really looking to buy unless something is in or close to the Fab 7x7 and it is really cheap. Good luck!!!

If I don’t have kids (or use private school), I would like to live in Santa Clara. It is convenient, neighborhood is clean, wide streets, not crowded, good value.


Well located, face East (extremely popular facing), 1980 (sure sustainable prosperity). Only con is school is not that great but could mean plenty of scope to grow if many high paying professionals come to this neighborhood.

Rental or Primary or flip, what is the plan?

If it is primary, house is small 1300 sqft, not expandable. This is again Hot Property, goes higher. This is good starter primary home.

Rental,long term holding more than 5 years, it all depends on your cash flow situation, loan amount and down payment. You need to have good plan for this.

Flip, short term less than 5 years, It depends on financial plan how much you get on appreciation, rent/own…etc

Personally, I would not prefer this home with less lot size 5200.

I always Look for 10k lot or

High cap rate like this Grab it guys