2021 Standard and High Balance Conforming Agency loan limit lookup

National limit lookup tool.

Whoodathought one could purchase an $865k property with 5% down in some counties with a 2.x 30 year fixed rate handle, yet here we are. FHA’s limits moved as well so 3.5% is possible up to +50% DTI. YOW!

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Mortgage rate is near 52 week low.

Any lender recommendations for jumbo mortgage refinance ?

I did mine with Googain. There are also two brokers on the site @LbJW and @Mortgage4Rentals.

It’s low and getting lower!

check guaranteed affinity

Near new lows depend on FICO, Loan To Value, Zip Code, and purpose (Owner Occupied, Non Owner Occupied) etc

Jumbo loan rates are not far behind. You can get 60% Loan To Value Jumbo Refi sub 2.875 or lower depending on loan size, FICO etc

Need to get refinanced or are you buying a home? PM me to get started.

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