2022 Stock Market Bottom Prediction

Let us have a fun game. Predict the bottom and average price for a set of stock symbols most frequently discussed in this forum. We can revisit end of the year or early next year to see how good or bad we were. Purely for fun and entertainment. If you have some insights to share on how you arrived at your prediction, will be great.

Let me start with mine:

S&P 500 avg: ~3300, bottom: 2700
TSLA avg: ~550 bottom: 398
AMZN avg: ~100 bottom: 82
MSFT avg: ~220 bottom: 188
GOOGL avg: ~1800 bottom: 1500
NVDA avg: ~120 bottom: < 100

How did I predict? Eye-balled the price over 5 year period, and assigned a linear trend for macro. Nothing scientific / educated – more of a guess.

Best to get to the bottom ASAP. Seems like Powel’s plan. I hope he does a better job than Volker. 1980-1981 was a bear. The oil shock was brutal, plus 18% interest rates. I survived. But it wasn’t pretty. RE did surprisingly well. Stocks finally recovered in 1982 and had a bull run after 15 years of stagnation.