3 Levels of Financial Independence

Blood is free

Not free.

His is free of Aids.

People give their blood for free. You’ll pay the doctors to get the free blood.

Blood of 100 virgins. Sounds like the beginning of a terrible HK goengsi flick.

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How come appear in WFH thread? Forgot that you had started a FI thread in Jan 2018?


The highest forms of wealth are measured differently.

A few stick out:

1. Controlling your time and the ability to wake up and say, “I can do whatever I want today.”

2. When money becomes like oxygen: so abundant relative to your needs that you don’t have to think about it despite it being a critical part of your life.

3. A career that allows for intellectual honesty.

I am so glad I’ve already accomplished No.1. No.3 is irrelevant as I don’t have a career per se. Maybe in 5 years I can check No.2 off the list as well, which has as much to do with calibrating my needs as growing my net worth.


Above is for individual. As a family, need to build up a generational wealth.

Why? You just get lazy grandchildren. Let them build you their own. Look what generational wealth did to the Kennedy family.


I think this is why a lot of families do educational endowments. The kids get free private education, but still have to work a job later.


My idol is the Walton and Koch families. The lesson from Kennedy curse is no to politics.

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