3 Levels of Financial Independence


Another SW Man? Shall we start a list to see who is more salty?


All men are salty.


What site would that be? @Lulu


“Using the same 2.5% – 5% return figures, one would therefore need $5,000,000 – $10,000,000 per individual and $6,000,000 – $12,000,000 per couple in investable assets to reach Blockbuster Financial Independence. In addition, it is preferable if your home is also paid off.”

So a single people needs 5-10M, but a couple only needs 6-12M. An extra person only costs 1-2M? Kids are free?


I remembered i also need a dummer place in the hamptons because of aesthetics. Gotta pump these numbers.


Summer or dummer?

BA is the summer place


Summer man :slight_smile:


The reason why he’s the poorest on the list is just so that I am not at the bottom, right Yoda? :slight_smile:

How old are you guys again? I vaguely remember @BAJacket saying he’s a borderline millennial, but I bet @RealEstatebull will look like college lad once he loses the beard :smile:


You sure you didn’t mean a “dumber” place for looks. Pump those numbers. GTL style… very Jersey Shore of you :wink:


hahah, maybe. it’s one example of places which didn’t recover after 2008.


I so agree - love to cook. We hardly ever go out for meals in BA. Only when we are traveling and when we do, we don’t worry about the cost of eating out.

Health and happiness with our life is the most important things for us now. We can’t take the money with us to the other side. I do believe though that we can feel this say because we earned certain amount of financial freedom and we know this life of ours is not going beyond 25 years no matter how much we push for it.


Exercise and healthy diet. Reduce stress and get enough sleep. All will help sustain longevity.


What is life if you can’t indulge?


Retirement will remove stress out of your body and mind. Even house flipping is much more relaxing than working.

How much did you improve your longevity since retirement?

Some people enjoy stressful life. Those billionaires who get into politics are this type, such as Florida governor Scott.


Leaps and bounds :laughing:

Trick is to not deal with people that make you angry. When you are at work, you have no choice.


Also injecting stem cells weekly if you’re an SV exec.


??? Never heard of that. Did hear about blood transfusion from young people.


Let them experiment with stem cells and blood transfusion while running a stressful life. Overworking stressfully and stem cell might cancel each other ideally


Blood transfusion :slight_smile: from young boys.

Oh… qijun has mentioned it.