3 Levels of Financial Independence


Wait… how come my “net worth” fell from 6M to 4M all of a sudden? Did AAPL just crashed or did another couple homes burned down??? Can someone please remove my name from that bogus list… :rofl:


Based on brutally honest feedback :triumph:


The lower your reported net worth the better…The IRS could be watching


Omg… that’s was because @BAGB mistyped and asked whether my networth was between “0-3”? And I was like, since the range was supposed to be “4-8”, what about “3-4”??? I never intended to say my networth was between 3-4…

See, that’s why this is a bogus list… people just put any number they feel like on there without any due process… please stick with this very scrutinized one instead…

@hanera: 4M



Are you suggesting that someone is evading taxes here? If you are an honest citizen then you should have nothing to be afraid of… :rofl:


Well, that was a misunderstanding from imperfect human communications. Let’s be fair and I’ll narrow down the range to 8-15M. That should be the correct range, right?


No not at all! You have never been fair to me and always pick on little things here and there to try to extract more info. I don’t need a stalker! Go pick on someone else instead… tons of people have higher networth than I do… :laughing:


This what happens to flippers that brag too much…Keep a low profile.


Ok now you are suggesting that some people on this forum are cooking the books and committing other heinous crimes in addition to tax evasion. What next??? :laughing:


No, but this is the kind of guy that attracts unneeded attention…Most of my rich friends keep a low profile…This guy was like a mini Trump…Trump has had 3500 lawsuits…He spent his life in bruising business deals…Thrives on the fight. Always bragged about being richer than he was…Why bother…live a simple quiet life…$1m net worth is plenty…anymore it’s all about keeping score…


Different people have different methods to become rich and to live lifestyles. Some people thrive on seeking attentions from others. Why try to impose your lifestyle on others… tons of people wouldn’t be satisfied with a quiet and simple life… nor would they be happy with just $1M…


Those with $6-$10M didn’t poll or we have over-estimated their wealth?
Did we get the top three correct?
RealEstatebull: $30M
ptiemann: $20M
Elt1: $9M
manch only has $6M?


No correlation from polls to names, that’s the rule.

Why did you ignore ten 50M? Was it a cat jumping on the keyboard or phone screen?


Is hanera 10-15? It’s weird that you missed this bucket


So far, we only have the following people confirmed their net worth (directly, indirectly, or inadvertently):

@ptiemann: $9M-$20M
@sheriff: $500k
@BAGB: $1M-$3M

Everything else is pure speculation.


I have not confirmed anything. You did confirm sub 1M though

However, if we got ten 50M, I think at least 1 or 2 are real. Your take? Maybe someone is worth 50M and he really wants to get our attention. My doubt about two initial 50M might have made him mad, so he madly voted 8 more 50M?


This rebuttal confirms that you’re in the $1-3M range.
No way wuqijun has less than $1M, he is testing the poll system.
In one of his post here, he said that he bought 10 houses in one year after realizing he missed the bottom. Those houses are now worth $300k-$400k, of which he hinted that he got about 30% loan. Haven’t include subsequent purchases and stock portfolio.


I did not vote so my info is unknown. But this is not so interesting. The most interesting question is about those ten 50M. What’s your theory?


Assuming he owns

20 350k houses: 7M
1 SF house: 1.5M
1 SJ condo: 1.2M
1 WC house: 1.5M

Stocks: 5M

Debt: 5M

total: 11.5M. Still far below 50M


My take is he is telling us that he knows who vote what. He hacked the poll system.