3 Levels of Financial Independence


It’s impossible to know who voted for what since it’s a 3rd party polling site. But one person can vote numerous times with bogus numbers. Because it’s anonymous, there is no way to prevent one person from voting multiple times.


Your assumptions made about my net worth are very far off from reality… :wink:


It seems only 3 people are dying to know the other two’s numbers: @BAGB @wuqijun and @hanera. Why don’t you three PM me your numbers and I will publish them without assigning names? Deal?


Wait… I already know @BAGB’s number and I don’t want to know @hanera’s. Leave me out of this!!! :rofl:


My rule for the poll is no association between names and numbers. Wuqijun made repeated violations :rofl:


Who cares about other people’s net worth, it’s not like they are giving you a cut so why bother. Just focus on building your own.

I have to admit it’s fun to watch you guys though. It’s like the three little pigs battling each other on who has the best house.


We gotta do this poll on blockchain, obviously.


@hanera has the answer.


I had a far more sinister picture in my head. Thanks to you I will think about pigs instead. :smile:


Which assumption?


Future wealth projections is the next game we are playing.


Projection of each person?


I did not vote since I had to make dinner, eat and watch our nightly show, but it’s hard to believe 50 Mil for even one person.


Yeah, it’s really suspicious with ten 50Ms.


So with Wu having 10 RE, he must be the 50Mil dollar man! :face_with_monocle:


Don’t be so sure about yourself. Wu QiJun and I have exchanged net worth info already :grinning:


And neither of you cheated? Ok… :thinking:


You shouldn’t post someone’s phone number on a public, supposedly anonymous, forum. I would suggest you delete your post. Not cool!


In @hanera’s defense, this is public information he gathered on the internet, right? As long as it is public then it’s ok to post.

Also, no one told me that this forum is supposed to be anonymous. People are free to share their real life info should they choose to.


No doxxing please.