3 Reasons Beginners SHOULD NOT Flip Houses

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Everybody start from being a beginner!


Then just give up before you started. :smile:


@manch should not touch stocks because he’s a total beginner.

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Manch has been trading stocks for 20 years. Show him some respect :muscle:

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I’ve been your master since the beginning of universe. Kowtow to me!

In this market amateurs are the only ones flipping.

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So have good flippers already quit? I heard some flippers are not making money and don’t want to sell for a loss

Not quit, waiting patiently.

Trump made his billions with fix and flips. But he used experts that his dad knew. What he recommended in his book “The Art of the Deal” is get the best experts in the area. Do what they say to do.

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Honestly, I think the good flippers wipe the site and build new high-end houses.

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Ok, so his summary is:

  1. You need a team, and you need a good one.
  2. You need a great contractor
  3. You need extra cash
  4. You need to know the market amazingly well.

Ok fine. No big deal.

His walk and talk style doesn’t work for me. What’s with the sirens? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Probably NYC?