35 to Los Gatos? Not Anymore

Bummer if you live in Las Cumbres which is a quite exclusive community off Skyline. This is from the South Skyline Yahoo group yesterday afternoon-

"I thought others should see this, in case one is inclined to take Skyline Blvd south of junction with Hwy 9. This was posted this afternoon, 2/10, by folks on SouthSkyline yahoo group:

Quoting: 35 [Skyline Blvd] north of Black Road, near Las Cumbres, is GONE."


How heavily used is that part of 35?

Is this the Grand Canyon in Los Gatos?

I wouldn’t say heavily used but few good alternatives - especially with parts of 9 closed. Page Mill road WILL be heavily used with 84 also closed. For months. Alpine-Page Mill will be the main route for La Hondans as well.

Time to buy in La Honda…buy when there is mud in the streets…

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Just avoid that Southeast corner - the one everyone and their brother knew was “slidey” until home prices went up enough and then suddenly it was buildable.

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No insurance available for landslides

that’s not completely correct.

In 2012, we bought a property that was in an urban area but at the bottom of a canyon and after heavy rains in spring 2011, some soil had come down in the backyard… from the neighbor’s parcel which was on top of the canyon. Our parcel was 30k sqft, the neighborhood on top of the canyon had the typical 6k sqft lots… NOT in the boonies.

So, the main issue with our property was not the condition of the house but the soil (and deck) that had come down from the uphill neighbor.

We paid the neighbor a visit. He introduced himself as an attorney, explained that he had a bid to clean up the mess and build a retaining wall for $75k. But he did not want to pay the $75k.
He said that he had just waited for someone like us to come to his door, and added then “please come and sue me”. What???

Well. We wrote a letter that his landslide presented a nuisance to us.
He took this letter to his run-of-the-mill home insurance and they paid for everything… clean-up and retaining wall.

They did not pay because of the damage on his property.
They paid because of the threat of a nuisance lawsuit.

The summary is… home insurance will pay if the landslide ends up on the neighbor’s property.


it’s good that they have alternate routes. In January, 2 sections of Bear Creek Rd in Boulder Creek suffered from road closures (trees down on one end and a major slide on the other end), and the houses between those 2 spots were cut off. Did not help that the power was out for over 24 hours too. The water supply line ruptured when the major slide happened, but the water company was able to reroute the water flow.

So they sat there locked in, without power, but could at least flush their toilets!

These folks here in Scotts Valley are waiting for a temporary bridge:


Yeah, well, if it comes to that, I’ve always got the tree-cilities :slight_smile:
The worst is local government. It’s not like people couldn’t take care of themselves if government would just let them. There was a post on the local yahoo group today - someone has a bad cover on their septic - wanted help - “Reply off list.” That’s because of San Mateo county’s insane new septic requirements.
In a free society no one should be afraid of their septic cover!

Good drone footage.

Slides everywhere in the Sierra. .50 is closed in two places, isolating South Lake Tahoe…Gas stations running out of gas…This has been one hell of a winter…

Elt1, forcast says all snow this weekend in Truckee. Is it ok to go skiing this weekend? Or should I wait for clear days?

Tahoe Noaa best website. .Looks like rain Thursday. …Mixed on the weekend…probably snow showers…Will be crowded at Squaw and Alpine…Heavenly might be less crowded…if 50 is still closed at Kyburz…The wind is the big issue…High winds mean restictions on mtn access, could be real crowded on the few lifts open…So far the winds predicted are light…

I hope 80 will be open, have a snow chain ready

All depends on how much rain on Thursday. …The mudslides are the biggest problem…

@Elt1 cancel your all your skiing. Time to go shopping real estate. :slight_smile: