3d printed homes

It seems like these are being 3d printed in concrete?

Is this still hype or is there real traction? @Elt1 , @ptiemann or @cloud thoughts?

Hype. Construction of a frame is only a part of all the systems needed in a modern home. The cheapest most cost effective housing for the homeless is trailer parks with single or double wide trailers.
How do you 3D print the foundation plumbing electrical heating flooring roofing windows doors trim paint cabinets and all the other needed systems. Let alone the underground utilities driveway landscape garage fencing. It seems this kind of technology is developed by people that have never actually built a house.


Yes. 3D printed homes are an option as unbelievable as it may seem. While it might seem like something from the future of real estate, 3D printed homes may at one point become a norm. As long as they consider the sustainability factor I’m all game, because this technology could, at one point, make homes more affordable as building materials are more and more expensive by the day.

Dream on. You obviously know nothing about the construction business. The cost of framing or forming the structure of a house is about 5% of the total sale price. Land is the most expensive part… try 3D printing that. Then there all the components that can’t be 3D printed. Plumbing roofing electrical cabinets flooring windows insulation tile countertops drywall painting doors siding gutters drainage HVAC foundations driveway landscaping fencing offsite underground utilities permits fees taxes insurance design fees consultants loan fees. Houses cost from $1000-$3000/sf in the SF BA. So if even you could save 50% of the 5% costs of the frame, you have only reduced the house costs by $25/sf… less the the RE commission…. Insignificant. Besides the fact that 3D concrete construction is not suitable in earthquake country

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