3D Virtual Tour

Greetings, glad to join this forum.

Just want to share a pretty neat link…a 3D Virtual Tour of new homes.


3D Virtual House Tour

Do people think it helps? I am kinda impatient to click thru the whole house. I’d rather fast glance 30 photos.

One thing that’s important to me is the layout. Super important and I can’t always get the info I need from photos alone, so yes, I’d opt for the 3D tour.

In the past I’ve gone so far as to use google street views, maps, and the photos to try to guess the layout. You can tell a lot from the window shapes. But a 3D video would be faster.

No, I would rather have that lady realtor dressed up in that panda outfit showing me the place. Now, THAT, would sell me…

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Giddy up on panda realtor! :punch:

Uhm… You guys are weird. What is it with Asians and panda outfits? Hmmm?

Who doesn’t love pandas??? :heart_eyes:


We are just being PC. Frankly, I am sure we can think of many other types of “outfits” that would be more persuasive shall we say in helping to close the deal…

Provided your wife doesn’t tour the house :slight_smile:

I agree with Manch. I got impatient with the 3D tour.

Best that they have a normal listing + this 3D tour. So people who are really interested can spend the time using the 3D tour. But then again, people who are interested will go see the house in person. So not sure how 3D tour will bring more interest or offers.

Bought three houses remotely without visiting them. 3D helps.

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