4% Mortgage Rate Soon?

Is it realistic for the red line to be all the way up around 2.4%? History suggests it’s very much in the playbook. Each overlay is exactly the same size and covers exactly 1.9%.

Where would mortgage rates be if 10yr yields rose to 2.4%? A safe bet would be to assume at least 4.00% for a 30yr fixed based on the typical distance between the two over time.



Dumb question. Any experienced RE investors know is by neighborhoods and is seasonal.

Wow! thought you don’t believe in looking for pattern when there is none! That guy is doing just that. If you look at the chart again… there is one that is not 1.9% range…

I amended the chart with the omission :slight_smile: Is 1.9, 1.x, 1.9, 1.x, … sequence :slight_smile: Looking for pattern is my forte’


Btw, I saw five-wave structure and three-wave structure :slight_smile:


One-week change in the Treasury curve.