5 million cash for your home

Now that Labor Day is behind us, home buyers are hoping for a surge in inventory. Although in hot spots like Silicon Valley that may be wishful thinking, which means realtors will be pulling out all the stops to get an edge.

Menlo Park is known for great schools and nice homes, so agents throughout Silicon Valley have no choice, but to be creative.

On a coveted street in west Menlo Park, residents routinely get letters from realtors.

The letters that say things like: "My client is willing to pay cash up to $5 million.

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My place isn’t $5M, but I’ve started getting those “we’ll pay cash for your home” postcard ads.

For a home on Bay Laurel Dr, I’d send letters and beg at door steps too. Sadly, I don’t have anywhere near $5m in cash. :frowning:

I sold my West Menlo house in 1995 for $1m…should have kept it…

Dang! :confounded:

The house in Menlo that I built and sold in 1995 just sold for $4m…Looks like they put in $200k in upgrades…I broke even…I think they made a bit more than that…lol

RE mantra…never sell…

So long is not in Detroit.

Detroit’s downfall took decades. We will have decades of warning too if SV were to follow the same fate. The biggest threat to us is actually real estate. The high price may reach a critical point and the next Facebook and Google will start in Seattle instead of SV. Then we are really screwed.

No worry, software is not the next big thing :), semi is coming back, buy buy buy San Jose and Santa Clara.

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Yeah. What else would one sell a home for?

The implication is you don’t have to do minor repairs, stage, etc. They’ll buy as-is with cash and deal with any issues with the home. No worries about loan approval, contingencies, etc.

RE mantra…location location location. .never buy in Detroit or anywhere else in the rust belt…