$500k/yr couple

Wait… you’re probably the one having $5milion in Aapl if not more…

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Absolutely… because the bottoming process took 12 years (from 2000-2011) so the recovery phase should be just as long if not longer.

$5 mil same as $1 mil at

… 8.3% inflation over 20 years.
… 5.5% inflation over 30 years.
… 4.1% inflation over 40 years.
… 3.3% inflation over 50 years.

You guys are rich, time to subsidize the poor. I’m poor, so please subsidize me. you can paypal couple hundred thousand to my paypal account.

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Lol @buyinghouse who bitches non-stop about rich using tax loopholes, but sells products that help the rich avoid taxes. I think I see him in the dictionary next to hypocrit.

I happen to know a couple in sales. They stated their combined income last year in pharmaceutical sales and a chief architect (software) were in excess of $500K. But they are looking for a home to rent. Their credit was in the 600s. They hinted bad investment and excessive oversea trips wiped out their saving and ability to own a home.


High income, just means high taxes…Net worth is more important than a high W2 income…to paraphase Forest Gump…Stupid is as stupid does…Rich is a state of mind not reality. … $500k income in NYC is middle class…In Des Moines its upper class…If you live beyond your means you will feel poor, or at least envious of your supposedly rich peers…another words keeping up with Joneses is almost a guarantee of a lack of financial security. …


Oh boy! You are so predictable, that if you were a fish, I could go to the river without any bait.

I don’t want to call you names, let’s leave that to people who read and understand you are just mumbling jumbling nonsense out of stupidity and contempt for the many benefits of life insurance. Yes, you are!

Didn’t you read “after paying taxes” comment? Are you so not smart to not understand that under title 26, section 7702 of the tax code you get tax free money via life insurance?

Also, are you so dumb to have ignored this little comment in my last posting:
“Assuming this couple can get rid of their 401K, and instead they use money after paying taxes on an indexed universal life policy”

See Marcus, I am doubting you work in the high tech industry. I believe those guys are good at math and very smart. Are you sure you are not working in a 7-11?

But I will be patient enough to explain to you that 401K money hasn’t been taxed, that you will pay dearly at the end, with management fees up to 2% that eats half of your returns. And money put into a life insurance has been taxed, no IRS at the end.
So, for insurance or tax reasons, in this example you pay from your bank the premiums, they came from your paycheck that deducted the respective taxes.

Oh, I’ve said it many times, we work with people that are paying lots of taxes and our programs make them pay almost nothing. $600K in taxes can be reduced to $30K.

I also said that Twhitler is not wrong on doing what he does, he hires people who know how to make him pay almost nothing in taxes by using the tax loopholes. What I despise is the “I am paying taxes” hypocrisy. No, he ain’t paying taxes like you and me. Period!

Now, for the sake of numbers I will challenge you. The illustration runs about 7% returns. It can be more, 9%-12% but it could also be less, but let’s leave at 7%, also, no taxes to be paid, it is a net 7%. I forgot, it is based on compound interests.
Tell me, where do you find a property worth $273K that allows you to retire with an income of $189K a year for 35 years, tax free, and you never pay the loans?

Are you sure you are a smart person Marcus? I would really love to see you using that brain unless you posses an empty skull.

So you tried to say you aren’t helping people avoid paying taxes, then in the same post brag about how much you can lower someone’s tax bill.

Let’s be real. You’re probably paying almost zero federal income tax.

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[quote=“buyinghouse, post:29, topic:2348, full:true”]

Please, stop digging your hole deeper. Now I am sure that skull is empty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whn did I say I helped anybody to “avoid paying taxes”? I bet you said it in a context that it sounds illegal or criminal, right? Wrong!

First of all, I challenged you. No words to defend yourself Marcus?

By definition and by Googling it, you will find out that tax avoidance is used by rich people, (but not true, everybody can do it with a good advisor) like Twhitler, Warren Buffet, Zuckerberg, the rich club of rich guys of which you and I are not a part of. And the way they do that is through the use of many programs, most of which have a life insurance of some sorts in them, they can use a charitable remainder trust, a whole life, an IUL, annuities, etc.

Banks also open life insurance policies for their big shot executives. $ millions go into those policies. They earn on the in with the returns, they earn on the out if they pass away. Did you forget that even Jim Harbaugh had a life policy? Is he a dumb person? I don’t think so!

If you haven’t learned who I am, I have a philosophy of not bitch about something illegal or dishonest when you are taking advantage of what you complain about. I am a pro-fair system, we all pay the same amount, no matter your income.

By the way, I put Twhitler’s example. He said he paid taxes, and we know that if he pays, it is a risible amount. And he promised to finish off those loopholes. That is called hypocrisy.

So you don’t think that’s helping someone avoid taxes?

Again, do you think “avoiding taxes” is illegal? Answer that question before you go deflecting on something else.

Then, I will ask you this: Do you know something called…hmmm…1031 exchange?

I rest my case.

I never said it was illegal. I don’t complain about people avoiding taxes. I actually think tax rates should be lower. You complain about people avoiding taxes all the time. I guess you’re only against it if you’re not getting a commission. That’s called being hypocritical.

Too many insults being fired back and forth. You guys should scale it back several notches…