7 Things Poor People DO That The Rich DON’T

I like this guy.

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Opinionated like a certain UCLA alumni :smile: As if we want to know his f… opinion.

Is he rich?:crazy_face:

He’s long gone. Let it go…

Dan Lok old tech? Do people read printed books? How about no IT?

Is he talking about rich in monetary terms? Librarians read tons of books.

You know who else read lots of books? Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

So? Reading doesn’t make you rich - not cause and effect. What you make out of it is what makes you rich. It can be applied to anything really, not just reading.

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Also, it’s not necessary to be rich in order to be happy. Many poor people are happier than some rich people.

The real world don’t operate in straight line cause and effect. It’s like me saying smoking gives people cancer and you tell me you know smokers live to 100 years old. Sure.

Don’t be so literal. Read books mean stay foolish. Continuous learning. Constantly upgrade your skills.

Yup. But anyway don’t watch too much TV.

Huh? Did you just answer yourself? Wait I am confused…:thinking:

Probability, my friend. Always think in terms of probability.

Getting rich is hard, well, for me anyway. I want to increase my odds. There is no recipe telling you do this list of 10 things and you are guaranteed to get there. But there are some things that can increase the odds.

Sure, there are always outliers, but this video is too extreme. If you think about the percentage of readers among liberal art majors vs STEM majors after college I wonder what the result is.

Pretty sure Elon watches a lot of TV. Poor people are more likely to watch TV because they are not using their time effectively, though you shouldn’t use it to justify the fact that you don’t let your daughters watch TV. You like this guy because he agrees with you :roll_eyes:

You need to maximize the utility of your assets. Having excessive home equity without using them is one way to sabotage your wealth accumulation ability. Another poor choice is being a spectator and not participating, like what I’ve told you before.