750,000 High Techies from India to be deported


If the nuts in the white house comes to finalize his threats.

Don’t you love how that nuts smile?

750,000 from India.
200,000 Salvadoreans
800,000 dreamers.
8 Million more, be them Chinese, Europeans or Americans.

1 or 2, or all of your rentals affected.

I am telling ya, you, yes, you, the one wishing deportations, don’t smile, it can affect you.


No impact. Share price of hi-tech stocks continues to roar up, some new ATHs.
For the first time, tenants in the SV rental are not Indians :slight_smile: Count me lucky?


Lol, the article specifically says he’s not going to do those things.

“In a relief for Indian techies, US authorities today said that the Trump administration is not considering any proposal that would force H-1B visa holders to leave the country.”


Some people can’t read English? :smile: