80% Of Renters Believe Homeownership Is A Part Of Their American Dream


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As an immigrant, it certainly is for me :slight_smile:


Believe me, the Chinese who came over eons ago knew what was up. I can’t really think of any Asian group that does not view homeownership as #1 goal.

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My wife bought a house with just H1B status long before I met her. Immigrants understand the American dream better than natives.


Probably because it was (and still is) being romanticized by hollywood :slight_smile:

Then you better stop procrastinating.

I always thought immigrants prioritize buying more than natives because of different financial values.

Buying your own house means securing your own future in a very big way. The desire to buy your own house (not investment properties) is driven by a need for security, which comes from a sense of insecurity about your future. Most immigrants come from 3rd world countries which have little or no social safety net. If you cannot survive on your own, you are done for your life.

Americans don’t have that insecurity (of course not everyone), otherwise they wouldn’t be spending every dollar they make and not saving a penny. They think the big brother is going to be there for them no matter what. There is no fear of starvation or becoming homeless or not getting medical care. So what’s the rush to sacrifice so much in your life to buy your own stupid house? There will always be tomorrow, when the sun is still going to shine. Really, where is the rush (and what’s the point) !

In other words, Americans have gotten soft. That’s why Americans are not competitive against immigrants, let alone competing with people in 3rd world countries who are even more hungry at improving their lives. Globalization aided with technology is enabling this type of direct competition to happen, and America will lose if it doesn’t get its act together.


That sounds wrong. healthcare here is terrible, there’s no cushion. Nonamericans become americans after getting their greencard, and if they don’t get greencard, there’s no cushion anyway.

I am not sure if what you say makes any sense.

Well, relatively speaking our healthcare is pretty good in the sense of cutting edge and fairly safe right? I have heard of people who retire overseas but come back here periodically for doc visits and perhaps surgeries.

Yes, sure, buuut it is super expensive. I think canada is better for that with its free healthcare right? I dont think 99% of americans can afford a cancer treatment.

Theoretically, even indigent people can not be turned away from medical care if one showed up at a hospital.

Vancouver BC just increased its foreign buyer tax to 20% . Someone has to pay for their free health care… lol


Ish. Only hospitals with federal funding, yes.
Also their responsibility is not to cure you, but to make sure you dont die. Two different things.

Fine, but how can you put a price on relatively good care that will keep you more likely than not, alive, as opposed to 6 ft under? There is no free lunch, pay to play, etc… the realities of living Sir…

You can go to canada, and be still fine. US is not special, that’s the thing. Plenty of other places have good healthcare :slight_smile:

manch, marcus335 and Jane liked! It strikes a chord because you guys come from 3rd world countries?
manch - China
Jane - South Korea
marcus335 - where? India or Mexico or an eastern European nation?

Well you don’t have to be from a 3rd world country to like my post. :slight_smile:

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Is Michigan a 3rd world country?

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People usually like because they are of the same thought and most people relate to their own situation.
What you said is not entirely correct because by self-selection immigrants are more hardworking and determined. Citizens tend to be complacent. These are well known observations by governments, is why governments like to have immigrants to jerk the nations from falling into complacency. What I mean is what you said doesn’t apply to immigrants to USA only, it applies to all immigrants to all nations.

A 3rd world state :crazy_face:

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