9 million Hispanic, 1.3 million Asian people are living illegally in the US. Millions fear deportation

The list of illegal people living in the US is big. This is a list not updated. I would say add another 100,000 on each nationality, or decreased since there were many deportation since this report came out 5 years ago. I believe most of these people not living in this American continent came under an H1B visa to work in the high tech industry, or they came under any other means, but didn’t follow the law. Per Trump’s new rules, they need to be deported.
Grab a chair, the economy is going to get a hit.


Mexico 6.8 million
El Salvador. 660,000
Guatemala 520,000
Honduras 380,000
China 280,000
Philippines. 270,000
India 230,000

What happens to US citizens living illegally in any of those countries?
Heck, what happens to Guatemalans settling illegally in Mexico?

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Let’s talk about those Indians, shall we? Very long trek.

“All I do is work. I get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and I go to work. And I come back at 7 o’clock at night. That’s every day, except for Sunday. On Sundays I play baseball.”

What could possibly be more American than baseball and too much work? Except in this case, it is not the voice of an American, legally speaking, but a 29-year-old Mexican man named Bernabe who, for the past 12 years, has built a home in tiny Middletown, New York. He has done almost everything that the American government asks of a model citizen: He pays taxes, he doesn’t break the law, he works hard. But Bernabe is not a citizen; he’s one of the estimated 11 million people who came to the country illegally and whom Donald Trump says he will deport if the real-estate mogul and reality-TV star wins the presidential election.

Guess those Indians should have done a better job of controlling immigration,shouldn’t they?

you break the law and you face action…nationalities doesn’t matter…

one can stretch the argument in some way to Moses and Jesus but they know that its not relevant. Same for playing baseball and working hard. I am sure if that’s the only criteria to get settled in this country a lot of people around the world would become eligible.

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I think people are inflating the numbers just to show how big the problem is…so that everyone is forced into a compromise…that and the Indian argument…big problem and moral concerns…too complicated and can’t be solved…so just compromise and let everyone be…hmm…

For every case you mentioned above. There’s case of dealing drugs/robbery/raping… Please stop using these excuses. Illegal is Illegal. They broke the Law. US can change the law to become lawless country if this is what you want. If a country has no law, we’ll easily turn into 3rd world country.



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Breitbart? C’mon.

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you want others here you go your favorite fake news cnn, I don’t usually post this, but just showing for every one good one, there’s always bad one.

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Of course there are bad hombres among the undocumented immigrants. Nobody denies that. And we have been deporting these hardcore criminals even in the Obama days. But now we are broadening the net to include the ones who just want to work and raise a family.

I can see people’s point about “illegal is illegal”. OK. Fine. But implying most of these folks are rapists and murderers is very misleading to say the least.

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these are just the quick google search , listed on the initial ones includes other crime. You pointed you don’t like one source i just posted a quick search on another one

That or our schools would improve without the over crowded classrooms. I’m sure having less ESL kids would improve the schools too. Oh, I know. Those illegals are paying taxes. They are paying far less than the cost of educating one kid per year. If you do the math, it’s a horrible deal for California.

I just know, those ignorant in the subject will throw anything to stick to their cause. And something I applaud from manch is to see my guy never going into generalizations. It must be his parents taught him the art of not being racist or discriminating against others. And that’s what I sense here, some posters speak of illegals and they turn their had down North to Mexico. But God forbid the words Asians, Chinese, Indians and else are mentioned, they come like flies to the flame.

And this is my point, don’t be stupid thinking that illegal means only Latinos=Hispanics. A word I see somebody here mentions every time deportations or crimes are reported. That is, what we see is not only discriminatory laws against those you despise, but your words say you act on a way that you are saying “no, not my people”. Don’t you think that if ICE goes into China town we won’t hear all the crying from that community?
People, no matter their legal status, after 5-10 years, they have made this country their home. Their kids are born here, they may have gone to enlist in the army to protect your whiny behind. Think about the price many illegals have paid for loving this country, losing their kids in stupid wars.

Overcrowding? Some people just don’t get it! The law of numbers are playing on their favor. Disrupt those numbers and they will be here whining like that inept person in the White House.

I am repeating something I’ve said, go ahead, crack down on illegals, I don’t have any problem with that. But look at the way this is treated, it is racist. Racial profiling is being used, not only by the DHS, but those here who somehow forget one of their own will be one day taken away. And I pray for that “harboring an illegal” put in place. Those landlords renting to them will be in a panic. Those using their services too. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see that.

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Food for thought. I am not good at math.

11 million people living in the US illegally? OK

7 million able to work. OK?

A work permit, when I was close to becoming a legal resident? $380 a year.

7 million x $380 = What? $2.6 billion a year? My calculator broke when I input this number. LOL

$2.6 billion x 5 years, the time after what they would be able to apply for a green card = $13 billion

Green card. About $685.

$685 x 5 million (to deduct family member as applying as a family get a discount). $3.4 billion?

I don’t add any other $ because we don’t know if they were to pay a fine for living in this country illegally.

There’s some $ to build that wall.

We could use $200m of the wall money at Oroville dam asap…In fact there are $3 trillion in desperately needed public works projects to repair just the existing crumbling infrastructure nationwide…Meanwhile almost 200k Californians are refugees waiting for the dam to collapse…

how about that high speed rail crap, go after those abuse the system like 380k total comp for bart janitor, way overpaid gov employee with crazy retired benefit package, ridiculous amount of handicapp fraud, welfare fraud to begin???

If you want to fix something like that, a revolution, a bloody one is needed. Otherwise, we just complain and complain and nothing happens.

But, you are welcome to see my numbers above, that’s something debatable. This topic is about deportations.

I keep telling you, you should be glad you live in the bay area, where there’s a mixture of races and nationalities. Once you walk out of this state, beware…

Look at this despicable picture, they are posting this fliers everywhere. They are going to be looking for? Irish, Romanians, Russians, and? Yeah right!

By some news, I know the racists find people seemingly looking like “Muslims” to attack them, and in some instances they categorize Indians as Muslims. You figure it out, I am safe.

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that post reminds me of the no Chinese in Portola graffiti someone posted in the Redfin forum sometime ago. However I think America is beyond the age of racial intolerance. These events are the exception rather than the norm, and will be handled by law enforcement in due time.