A $650 mistake you as a landlord, or home owner can avoid

It may happen to you. A little, so tiny pair of things can cost you a few $ hundreds from your own pocket. Pay attention:

I had a dishwasher stopping doing its job 2 times. It didn’t flush the water at the bottom. I didn’t use it that often, so it never occurred to me to buy a new one with all the quietness they say you need.

2 times I went to You Tube and found the best way to fix any problems.

Third time is a charm, right?

But, You Tube, the Wizard of Oz, and any site couldn’t help me to make it work for the third time.

But, I call myself a smart guy. I invent, improvise, find a solution to anything, from simple interests to compound interests, I know it all. Relax Marcus, this is not about you. :smiley::rofl:

So, I bought me a kind of good dishwasher on Home Cheapo for $650.

So quiet they said, so good, so fast, whatever.

The thing was delivered 10 days later. I installed it myself, put it to work, but the same problem. No flushing! It just made this noise as a little cat taking a nap.

I pulled it out, check the tube connections, cleaned the tube going from the…wait! That word kept popping everywhere…the siphon. So, I checked the tube going from the dishwasher to the siphon and the one from the siphon to the water disposal. All clean, no obstruction. I installed them back again…no flushing!

I went to Home cheapo to cry like a baby. They kicked me out of there saying I had to call Maytag. Good luck! they told me! :rofl:

Hmmmm…I said after thinking and thinking…it is making the same noise as the older one. Maybe I am missing a simple clue. So, after taking that white plastic siphon 3 times, I decided to blow the orifice where the hose from the dishwasher hooked on. And…voila! it was blocked!

I was going to buy me a new siphon, when I curiously checked the problem. It was what you see down below, those 2 things were blocking the flush of water into the siphon. Jesus! a $650 mistake.

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