A Day in the Life of a Techie

I showed my kids some of these videos and now they all want to work in tech.

This one shows the Facebook campus in Menlo Park.


All she did was eat. I am surprised she didn’t weight over 200#.
At least Oracle has a great gym . I used it when my wife worked there.

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My kid said her middle school is more work than this. She’s definitely going to major in CS.


Oh God. Another one. Product designer at Meta.


Is the company’s PR dept behind all these videos?
Reminds me of those interviews and website features on happy employees. Maybe this is the new way to build company brand with future employees?


Well these videos definitely work for my kids. They all want a piece of this glamorous easy life now.

Elon has a question about these Meta videos…


This girl works for Google.


Well, my friend who worked at FB was not enjoying the life like that at all. Long hours, no time for bikes or so many snack breaks. I’m glad they at least fed him. Maybe that’s why he was working so hard - had to pick up the slack for this slacker.

At least she looks like she got some coding done.

When I interviewed at PeopleSoft years ago, that was the kind of environment they tried to sell me on too.

But, being older, I saw right through the college dorm atmosphere. The organization planned to own your life with the simple bribe of ping pong tables, lots of food and blankets for sleeping under your desk. Hell, I’m sure they had condoms in the restrooms based on what I was seeing and hearing. It was like a dystopian movie where there are no individuals, no outside life. Just robotic slavery to the organization.

I was flabbergasted that the huge numbers of 20 and 30 somethings there were buying into this.

Are all of these videos by females? One could get the impression these companies hire attractive females who do very little work just to motivate men to go work for the company.


Speaking from experience :wink:

Day in my life working at Google, pre-layoff:




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I’m not sure how/why these people think their social media behavior will help their career.


Google fired 27 massage therapists in California. How do they expect their young employees release their stress after a hard day of gourmet meals and four hours of work?


Google Job Cuts Hit 1,800 Employees in California, Including 27 Massage Therapists

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You know how. The rooms are still available :slight_smile:


Day in my life after I got laid off by Amazon:


A lot of these Tiktok techies are PM’s. Good time may not be coming back.