A first look at San Francisco’s sensational new elevated park

OMG it’s pretty! :heart_eyes:

My friend and I are planning to check it out this weekend before the homeless invasion.

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They close at night. So probably not going to be overrun by hobos. I may want to check it out this weekend too.

Where’s the best access point? It spans many blocks.

No idea, take a stroll from beginning to end :slight_smile:


This park is overhyped - a lot of single seats so bums can’t sleep on them:

No good? I am thinking of going tomorrow.

If you are close by, sure, but don’t go to SOMA just for this or else you will be disappointed.
There is a little play area so something to do with your kids.

We went there this afternoon. I think it’s pretty cool actually. Great city vibe with zero hobos. The children playground is pretty weak sauce though. Overall :+1:

Not for long though…

You don’t like the hobo decorations?

That was quick:

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Nothing lasts anymore…

Geez, can’t catch a break…

Was there not too long ago. It’s nice. Traffic around the area sucked though.

Go on weekends and traffic won’t be a problem.

Of course, we need more lawyers in this area…


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