A Teacher Fighting to Stay in SF


Trevor McNeil is the kind of San Francisco resident every politician talks about keeping in the city: a public school teacher, a San Francisco native, a political activist, and a young father. He lives with his family of five in a small apartment in the Sunset and makes slightly too much to qualify for affordable housing. If he or his wife were to leave their job they’d qualify for affordable housing but then the cost of having to pay for health insurance would cancel out what they would save on housing. Armand Domalewski talked to him about the struggles of middle-class families in San Francisco.

I feel for the guy and am rooting for him since he is a native (like I am). Hence, why I rail to no end about our Bored Of Stupidvisors who want to focus on on other ridiculous matters that are not as pressing as this.

I would support teacher subsidization here in the Fab 7x7. At the end of the day, I will benefit since it really does make for a well rounded city. We do not want to be Carmel North.

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Other cities have done it with mixed results. They subsidize BMR ownership for police, fire, and teachers. What happens a lot if they live in the BMR a few years. Then they buy in the suburbs and rent the BMR at a healthy monthly profit.

So, that would be where I myself would lean to be tougher. Why, I don’t know. I guess if I want my teachers (or the policemen or firemen) here they have to stay here or at least not profit from it (renting out the BMR). They either have to relinquish the place (sell it) or trade up to a larger BMR (if available of course).

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I don’t get it… Just pay them more then? Why should we tell teachers how to spend their money or allocate salary for a particular purpose?

Makes sense.

So many inaccuracies in this article:

" it also makes the city significantly whiter, wealthier and older."

I’m sure the Asians on here would disagree.

Is it a question of public schools not performing that well, or is it an image problem?

I’ve been to every school in this district. There’s not a single school that I would not send my children to. But it’s hard to tell that to other people who only hear stories about the assignment system

I know someone who wants to have their kid in the public school, but her daughter’s teacher hasn’t shown up since the beginning of school and he can’t be fired. The class has been through numerous subs. She’s been looking at any other option she can get, and will probably go private school next year out of desperation…

“I’ve heard, and I don’t know how widespread this is, that many families will start their kids in public school, but when it comes time for middle or high school, they go private… every private school in San Francisco is K-8. [So are] the most successful public schools… There’s greater stakeholder investment in the K-8 schools than in middle and high schools.”

??? That’s completely incorrect. There are number of private high schools both secular and parochial.

Well, @Terri, let’s put it this way, SF would be even more Asiany now if folks like my Big Bro’s generation and some of mine didn’t move to the burbs down south to flee the oh so horrible schools of the Fab 7x7…

Agreed but how do you track and enforce it? How do you pay for the people that are paid to enforce it? It’s going to add cost to the program.

Can’t afford health insurance? Teachers don’t get spouse/family coverage?


Well, you can kinda do what some cities do with people trying to use fake addresses in order to get their kids into the local schools, you literally go out there and see if Junior is coming out of 888 Double Eight Drive at 7am for school. And if he aint, there is a problem. You make the penalty pretty stiff so that the teachers (they are smart) fully understand the risks they would be taking by “cheating.” That is the best you can do.


Propaganda. Teacher’s union is powerful.

Teachers are important, but not more important than other jobs. I think everyone is equal. A janitor’s job is as important as the teacher, so is waitress, nurse, mechanic, plumber, painter, architect, engineer, scientist, museum worker, parking lot attendant.

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With ISPs now able to sell data personal, won’t be long before a SV startup starts buying user location data and reverse engineers that into school district travel patterns looking for outliers. School districts will be buying that service.

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Maybe this will help…