Aah, No Wonder Millennials Are Not Buying Homes


I have an uncle that’d always max his credit cards impressing the new woman he was dating. Once they got maxed the fancy dinners and stuff would stop. The woman would get more and more mad about it until she’d leave. He’d be super frugal to payoff the cards then do it all again. He always wonders why he attracted nothing but gold diggers. They clearly weren’t very good at gold digging, since they didn’t realize how to tell if a man really had money or was just borrowing it.


Oh crap… Is that where all our money is going? I thought it was school tuition.

Time to plant an avocado tree.


Counter point to that mean Aussie:


  1. No amount of saving avocados is getting you a house. The median price of houses listed in America is $245,000. (Laughable, since the median price of an apartment in NYC is over $2 million, but just go with it.) If you want a 20% down payment on that $245,000 house, you’ll need to cut back on 2,578 avocado toasts. At one $19 toast per week, that would take you 49 years to save a 20% down payment. In other words, according to this advice, you’ll be able to save enough for a down payment when your name changes to Mildred and you find yourself really into 10% off Tuesdays at Ross.
  1. This guy (and many others) also tell you to cut back on $4 coffees. Aside from the fact that I like coffee, if you run the numbers, $4 every day doesn’t really add up to that much. In this case, it would take you eliminating 12,250 coffees to save up for a 20% down payment on a $245,000 house. That’s eliminating buying $4 coffee every day for 33 years. Good luck, you poor caffeine-deprived bastard.

I now know why this kind of articles bothers me. It teaches people the wrong thing. No, the goal is not to save and be a miser. The goal is to earn more.


Millenials are not buying home because they’re buying this


God, I am embarrassed for UCLA… (his two others sons can go elsewhere as far as I’m concerned)


Aren’t they $500/pair? That’s 300 pairs. I bet most of that $150k is profit though. Anyone that drafts the son is asking for trouble. They’ll have to deal with the dad. Plus, does anyone believe the kid will have the work ethic to become truly great once he’s making millions? This screams JeMarcus Russell.


Big ballers don’t buy the cheapest model, if buy buy the signature series for $1195


OMG, @dioworld is quoting his Dad now…:slight_smile:


There are a few teams that will be willing to take the risks on this kid. He has everything he needs to play great basketball. But I agree with you that the dad casts a dark cloud on how far he can go.


A few bucks here and there add up to be Real money. People think these couple of dollars don’t make a difference but they do. It is a mindset… Yes making more money helps greatly but saving is just as important. You know the saying it’s not what you make but what you keep.


Since I watch UCLA basketball religiously from up here, he was good but did kind of disappear too especially at the tournament (supposedly tweaked his leg). Who knows? He’s got that weird shooting style but can distribute the ball well. Russell Westbrook and Zack Lavine also weren’t really lighting it up in Westwood back in their days but obviously are doing pretty well in the big league (esp Westbrook).


The dad said it was because of three slow white men. Seriously though, the kid is tall but agile. He’s also got good vision on the court. For the shooting style, I don’t like Steve Nash’s style either( retracting the ball too low before making a shot), but Nash was a pretty good 3 pointer as well.


Well, TJ Leaf (another freshman) was not bad at all and contributed greatly to a decent year. Definitely has some upside to him…

The thing is, if you are Alford, the UCLA coach, do you stay away from him (the Dad) or do you deal with it since his sons obviously are decent basketball players? Shoot, the youngest one could be the best one of them all (scored 92 points in a game last year)…

It is so hard to win a banner in college. We had our shot during the run of Final Fours but just couldn’t get over Florida or Derrick Rose with Memphis. Then, you have basketball factory schools like Kentucky with their 5 star recruits every year… I need to donate more…:slight_smile:


Before planting a single avocado tree, definitely read up on Avocado pollination. They do not pollinate well. The male and female flowers do not bloom at same time on the tree, and female flowers only have 2-4 hour window for pollination. I think we need GMO avocado to get around the pollination issue.


Sound familiar, gentlemen???:slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ll look into it.


Forget the GMO, just buy avocado pollen :slight_smile:


But you could also plant two trees in the same hole and hope half the tree gives you fruit.

This may be a good excuse to get a 4-in-1 stone fruit tree instead which is what we really want. Mmmmm. Apricots.


Thanks God it is not cocaine.

But cars, expensive phones and handbags. No kidding!


Samurai said it’s a-ok:

Bottom line: If you’re a millennial who wants to spend $25 on the finest breakfast consisting of avocados, bacon and crumbled feta cheese, go for it! You don’t need to save for a house because you’re either living with your parents or your parents will eventually buy you one when they can’t stand you any longer. And if they don’t buy you anything, they’ll at least leave you their house when they die.


Also, Samurai made a good point in his article. It’s the parents bidding up the Bay Area market, not some evil foreign buyers. Next time ask your agents how many of their clients bought with help from parents.