Aah, No Wonder Millennials Are Not Buying Homes


Dang, @harriet, what is up with your peers? So vain…:slight_smile:


Youth is wasted on the young, what can I say.


I use botox on my balls to get that nice smooth look all the girls go wild over


Not exactly PC but hey is anything related to Trump PC???


Kinda along the same lines (meaning painful no?), a friend once had to get his insides scoped so they stuck a fiber optic camera up his little friend from the outside going in. I was thinking, surely, there is a better way to do a diagnosis…god, let’s not try a zoom lens ok?..ouch!!!


They can stick their hand up there to feel around if you prefer

They also have pills with a camera in it that you swallow


Yes, check “c” please…


It’s the avocados, yeah, that’s it!!!


I eat avocados every day. And I own multiple homes. Fake news!


Are you a millennial???


Age is just a state of mind. :sunglasses:


Since that “answer” means NO, then it doesn’t apply to you!!! You obviously have funds, unlike many millennials, thus the proverbial avocado or Golden Gate Bakery egg tart over-indulging might theoretically tip the scales and cause one to fall short of having the funds needed for a home. It is not far fetched if you really think about it…


Dude, you need to go grocery shopping more. A bag of 4 avocados is $3.5 at Trader Joe’s. Now is less than $1 a day all there is between millennials and a house in SF? Come on now.


So, you don’t believe that by spending 5 bucks every day at Starbucks every day, on top of paying student loan payments, steep rents, and commuting costs that it couldn’t be a difference maker??? Things add up…


They were talking about $19 smashed avacado in Australian restaurant. And you are talking about $3.5 avacado in American grocery store. That’s 5 times difference.


But I believe the true learning point from this story is that when you have folks who are already burdened with massive real expenses to pay that any “unnecessary” expenditure (like expensive avocados) could well be the tipping point towards rentville forever…I’ll buy it!!!

God, what a slow RE news day…:slight_smile:


No doubt. And I will still nitpick with you. :slight_smile:

I say the most important goal of any millennial is to find a spouse. If by shelling out $19 for avocado helps them achieve that goal I say go for it.


God, how is two money-wasters in a household gonna help??? My god, they will be on the street in no time…


Dude, I don’t think being Mr. Cheapskate is exactly a sex symbol…


Honestly, my wifey used to make fun of me that she must have drunk/drugged to fall for some dude who drove her around in a Honda Crx during the courtship phase. It must have been my magnetic personality… The funny thing is, now she is as cheap as can be. She credits me for changing her. I’ll take it!!!