Aah, No Wonder Millennials Are Not Buying Homes






This is probably good news for landlords. They aren’t likely to save a down payment with these habits, so there will be more life long renters.

I’m not surprised. The younger generation is far more focused on experiences than material things. It amazes me what young, broke people spend on going to Vegas, travel in general, restaurants, etc.


Boomers spent their money on sex, drugs and rock n roll. …less fattening. .Maybe that why youngsters are so fat…too much gourmet food and not enough drugs and sex…lol



Hmm, tuition and home prices are rising much faster than wages. That’s funny considering the government is heavily involved in both to “help” us.


Terri I knew that was you from mmm




Gen Z is even bigger the millennials. That’s bullish for RE and the US economy.


Wait a minute. Do Gen Z use iPhones and FB?